on being TipTop!

05 Feb
TipTop President & CEO

TipTop founder & CEO

The TipTop team is excited to announce the arrival of TipTop Food, a test-stage product focused on helping you to find the best restaurants and dishes to fulfill your cravings wherever you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and to share your discoveries with others. This product is just one instantiation of TipTop’s vision, so we thought it would be helpful for TipTop’s President and CEO, Shyam Kapur, to explain a bit about what it means to be TipTop.

Why the name TipTop?
There are many interesting aspects to being TipTop, but delivering quality and discovering the best possible experiences in our lives lies at the heart of the name.

There are many tops (short for top of mind), that is, mental (and physical) states. Humans constantly move from one top to another and what dictates which top we go to from there is determined by the tips we receive, the factors that humans use in decision making.

So TipTop is the messenger of tips and tops in such a way that we promise the user that no matter what their tops are we will find the best tips to help to optimize their life experiences.

What was your drive for creating TipTop?
I have always been dedicated to identifying opportunities to make things happen more efficiently for people and leveraging the creativity of humans to the fullest. TipTop Technologies is the best way to make individuals and businesses effective at leveraging the full power of data and human creativity to improve our lives.

TipTop LogoWhat about the logo? Well, there are Tips and Tops dancing together creating a gateway into a world where quality and best experiences surround our interactions. Oh my!

What would you like to leave us with? TipTop is trying to measure all experiences across people, places, and time and use these assessments to reliably predict people’s experience in the future so that we can help achieve TipTop’s core mission matching the best tips with your tops!

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