Be a TipTop Valentine: Get that dream dish for your dream date!

11 Feb

There are lots of good ideas for Tips on where to take your lover for Valentine's Day all you need to know are their Tops. One fine Yelper has made her Tops clear in "Where my Valentine Should Wine & Dine Me." If you have a lot of time on your hands you can browse through hundreds of restaurant reviews for Angel Fish Japanese Restaurant in Alameda, or you can take advantage of TipTop Food to quickly discover what's hot (sushi, tuna, hamachi) and what's not (spider roll, tonkatsu, miso soup) before you order. By comparing San Francisco Fondue restaurants through TipTop Food, I discovered that the Melt Cafe rated high for Food Quality, but if I was looking for something with a different flavor Shabu House was my next best bet.

I knew we were looking for something a little more hands on, so I TipTop'ed Assab Eritrean Restaurant (search loc: San Francisco|restaurant: Assab) and got their top ten food items consisting of  lamb, wine, meat, beer, chicken, samosa, beef, pancake, chicken dish, and okra. I swing more to the vegetarian side, so, I checked out the top okra reviews and TipTop pulled out some key snippets for me noting that Assab's okra was "super tasty", "uber healthy" and "riding the line of texture".   It is down the gullet, hand to mouth!

If you won't be spending your time in the City, there are lots of other fun Foodie places around the Bay Area. Play around with TipTop before you go out to eat this weekend.

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Enjoy the experience!

The Tip Top Team


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