San Francisco Food Carts, Twitter & TipTop

08 May

People, organizations, and companies are finding great ways to use Twitter for promotion. The problem (or the fun) of finding or not finding what you need, want, might like to discover on Twitter is that you usually hear about things from who you follow, a lucky search, or from another media source. Discovering, filtering and delivering the information you need is what TipTop is all

San Francisco's "underground food cart renaissance" has made its way onto the b oards of  Chowhound, into the reviews from Yelp, digitally preserved on VenderTV's facebook site. The food cart vendors are Twittering up a storm, gathering crowds, and creating buzz. Who and where are these movers and shackers?

The legendary Bacon Dog Cart (3) is tweeted about as it cruses around the Mission.  Soon TipTop Food and micro-blogging search results will be integrated so you can find out where and when to find them, what they are serving and what is best to try. The Magic Curry Kart (5) has a big following on Twitter, and TipTop will be providing the best way to keep on top of their "meet ups" amuse-bouche
magic-curry-cartwith other infamous vendors such as the Crème Brûlée Cart (6) or the wandering Amuse Bouche stand. TipTop's real time search will allow users to fi nd and refine the information they are seeking and from whom they are getting it. Others on the scene include mobile restaurant Skillet Street Food @skilletstfood, Mission Street Food @missionstfood, and tiptop-foodEl Tonayense Taco Truck.  TipTop Food is looking forward to relaunching its site integrating el-tonayenserestaurant reviews; cuisine, dish, recipe, and real time search features; and social networking functionality. You can "meet up" and follow us @twittiptop, on our facebook fan page, or on our blog. Make sure you get culinary this week and try some of these street smart food cart smorgasbords. We hope you are as excited as we are to be able to sort through, make sense of and act upon this great content through TipTop!


Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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2 responses to “San Francisco Food Carts, Twitter & TipTop

  1. Gaisyirrity

    June 25, 2009 at 12:00 am

    Best choice of the month about Fetish, Smelling fetish, Fetish pantiehose and Kilt fetish.


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