A New Breed of Internet Service called TipTop is Available From: Life To: Life

09 Jun
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From: Life To: Life

Sunnyvale, CA, June 9, 2009 – TipTop Technologies, Inc., a startup internet technology company based in Silicon Valley, announces the release of an early-stage product for semantic analysis of natural language which looks at data as a source of tips that help people solve problems. TipTopSM is creating an engine of Tips and Tops surrounding all of our experiences — a wikipedia of expressions. The product will open up the social silos of our individual and collective experience so that one person’s Top will be another’s Tip. TipTopSM is harnessing those expressions of experience to help us all make more informed decisions and have choice experiences to share with others. TipTop Technologies’s products are todays solutions for enabling incremental learning and unleashing the power of unique individual and aggregate group experience into the future. The core product is built upon natural language search algorithms focused on providing answers to questions formulated around sentiment, emotions, and opinions.

Users should view TipTopSM as a unique search product that will expand and develop as the technology, marketplace, and user base evolves and contributes to the underlying semantic search technology developed by our team” says TipTop Technologies, Inc. founder, Shyam Kapur. “Currently the product showcases just a small part of the search and community product functionality which will become more social, more personalized and more intelligent as product features are developed and expanded across technology platforms, social networks, and vertical product markets.”

Current product features to help navigate around your world include:

  • Using real time natural language search result content capturing opinion, emotion, and sentiment to guide decision making.

  • Deep exploration of text message content filtered by advanced algorithms, concept clouds, and contextualized categories.

  • Sharing discoveries across social networks.

  • Discovering how you, your followers, events, organizations, or products and services are expressed and discussed across an infinite number of criteria.

  • Discovering automatically generated search trends and editorially chosen searches to try.

  • Get the latest news and and most relevant content immediately.

TipTopSM is not a replacement for existing search engines, but will work across networks and platforms, regardless of the data source, to help users efficiently make informed decisions and quickly act upon them. Tips are discovered by searching for them, of course, but it is not necessary to index the entire Web. The TipTopSM engine finds many useful tips in conversational data, and a tool for exploring such information can complement the tools currently available for searching the Web. As true semantic technologies are not error free at first, TipTopSM is looking forward to the search community’s feedback. TipTopSM hopes you will discover useful and relevant Tips for your Tops every time you visit, and that you have fun exploring our site at — in short, we hope the experience leaves you feeling tip top!

If you have a chance check out the TipTop video demonstration.

About TipTop Technologies:

Established in 2008, TipTop Technologies, Inc. is a startup internet technology company focused on delivering cutting-edge technology-driven solutions to some of the most challenging problems humans face in the 21st century . TipTop Technologies’s mission is helping people in their personal and professional lives to make informed decisions, have choice experiences, and create greater efficiencies through streamlined interactions. Its solution involves proprietary techniques for the collection and aggregation of all data related to life experiences. TipTop Technologies, Inc. has developed unique analytical algorithms that work very well on a vast variety of data. Exposure of the resulting knowledge is enabled through a number of powerful and engaging user interfaces. To learn more about TipTop Technologies, Inc. and our products, please check the company’s blog, become a fan on Facebook, and follow twittiptop on Twitter,

Media Contact:

Shyam Kapur


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4 responses to “A New Breed of Internet Service called TipTop is Available From: Life To: Life

  1. Ayman

    June 10, 2009 at 3:34 am

    congratulations Shyam
    Great stuff

    • Shyam Kapur

      June 10, 2009 at 8:12 pm

      Thanks, Ayman. I appreciate your feedback. I look forward to seeing TipTop become a very successful product. Please spread the word as widely as you can.

  2. Govind Kabra

    June 10, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    Good Luck.

    Tried your website, briefly. Returned interesting twitter messages as results. Is that your focus?

    Btw, you may link your logo here to your website.

    • Shyam Kapur

      June 10, 2009 at 8:15 pm

      Thanks, Gobind. Our technology is applicable to any data but we are starting with Twitter data because we have seen that it is incredibly rich especially once one applies tools like the ones we have built.

      Thanks also for your suggestion. We will do this.

      Your company looks very interesting. Let me know if you want to chat sometime to see if we can work on some project together.


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