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19 Jun

tiptop logoTipTop, a one-of-a-kind semantic search engine, provides fresh perspectives to address what is at the top of your mind. Driven by all kinds of tips, opinions, activities, product reviews, people, and experiences TipTop provides the best way to find meaning from all the knowledge shared by users on Twitter. TipTop results From: Life To: Life can be experienced at

TipTop’s founder, Shyam Kapur explains “The product, TipTop encourages greatly our natural urge to share. I cannot think of one search I have done on TipTop – I have done thousands already – when I did not feel the desire to tell some one person or set of people or the whole world what I found. Oh, yes, you do find lots of things in a single results page of TipTop should you look for the many visible and many somewhat hidden treasures.

I personally share TipTop search

TipTop Results Page: Help Screen

TipTop Results Page: Help Screen

results easily though my Facebook and Twitter accounts, or on the TipTop fan page and via TipTop accounts on Twitter like twittiptop and tiptopsays.  We have created a visual guide to TipTop’s search results page to help explain all the features while we look to incorporate additional user feedback into the product.

Here are some fun and interesting searches compiled from TipTop this week:

  • Health concerns flare up with Zicam killing your sense of smell. This is nothing to sneeze at as you can get informed and not so informed reactions with TipTop zicam results

As you can see there is not a loss of things to uncover, recover from, or  entertain us as we explore the power of TipTop’s results and how they are helping us make informed decisions as we share our experiences with each other. Please share your TipTop experience with us by posting comments to the TipTop blog, the TipTop Fan Page, or reply @twittiptop.


Greg Martin & The TipTop Team


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2 responses to “Join the TipTop Revolution

  1. Amr Awadallah

    June 26, 2009 at 5:24 am

    Congrats on launch.

  2. tiptoptechnologies

    July 17, 2009 at 10:35 pm

    Thanks, Amr. I appreciate it. Please continue to check us out frequently as we add more and more powerful features to our core set.


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