TipTop’s New Search Mojo

26 Jun

TipTopWe’ve had an exciting couple weeks here after the initial launch of and wanted to let you know that TipTop’s mojo is rising with everyone’s help and feedback! We even have Google pagerank rising thanks to some great early stage product innovations. TipTop search result pages are also appearing in the top five Google results for long tail queries like “nyc weather horrible“.

The unique  and dynamic search results delivered by TipTop are what we continue to be most excited about. Where else can you find out how an event, product, person, or desire is being positively or negatively viewed and talked about, plus use these Tips and Pits daily to make informed decisions and share with others? We know there is  mucho mojo happening in TipTop’s search results pages, so we are excited to announce some changes to the search results page layout as well as some new features we have incorporated on the Hub page to help simplify things and make your experience using TipTop more rewarding. Let us know what you think about: TipTop Search Results Page

  1. Filter or group  text  messages by general categories (People, Products, Places)  or refine results by clicking related terms.
  2. Clearer labeling of search result column views:  Tips (to do), Pits (don’t do) & Remaining messages.
  3. Clearer options to share TipTop results on Facebook and Twitter. [3] Share search results and related terms on Twitter or [4] share Tips % and Pits % by clicking fShare or tShare.  Hub Page
  4. Hub Page: Add TipTop to your browser’s search options.
  5. Hub Page: Module with streaming examples of TipTop search results as shared on Twitter.

Please continue to use TipTop daily and continue to share your ideas and experiences with us. We really appreciate your support knowing you are as excited about using and sharing TipTip as much we are!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

TipTop is a platform for semantic analysis of natural language which provides live search results capturing individual and group sentiment, opinions, and experiences from content of various sorts including messages on Twitter.

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