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03 Jul

Folks are on the move this weekend. Some peeps are going hiking in Santa Cruz’s Big Basin State Park, some families are driving down to the Florida’s Bonita Springs, some folks are off to Japan to be with the Tokyo Gundam, and others are just celebrating American independence in their own way. Here at TipTop we are feeling groovy and and are excited to announce a few new features before this weekend’s celebrations.

  1. search_results_featuresMove the mouse cursor over “3T” to see the three most recent messages for your search.
  2. Click “No Filter” to return to the original Tip & Pit results for your search. Note: clicking the category tabs or the related terms will fine tune the results.
  3. When you click a related term, like “firework”, you are filtering results within the original search result set. To expand the results from your original search to include or exclude the related term “firework”, try clicking on the options linked below the Tips & Pits columns.
  4. TipTop is about social search, so click on the icons at the end of a message to View (V), Retweet (RT), or Reply (@) to the writer’s message. Currently you need to have be member of Twitter to interact with others.
  5. Know what you are clicking on! To view disguised links or URLs within the messages, click “E” to expand the link or “S” to shrink the link to the original short url.

We are constantly trying to improve your experience on TipTop, so please continue to send us feedback, share your TipTop search results with your Facebook and Twitter friends via the “fShare” and “tShare” links, and have a great weekend celebrating the freedom of choice.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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