What is your TipTop search result?

09 Jul

From: Life To: Life

From: Life To: Life

Spending time reading and writing about peoples’ articles, blogs, and tweets about real-time search, live search, social search, algorithmic search or whatever is buzzing in the stratosphere this week can be interesting and entertaining, but hearing from people and implementing what they need to make their online and offline lives easier is really the most important thing above and beyond all the features, bells and whistles that get talked about. That said, Alex Goodall’s Twitter Resources Map is a very well developed tree of applications, tools, and widgets to get something out of the vast amount of content published and distributed through Twitter. To be honest, I have not spent a lot of time looking at or comparing other Twitter applications to the features and functionality that is built into TipTop. We at TipTop Technologies have been engaged in creating a new search and share experience, moving away from traditional search engine results towards semantically driven solutions that have embedded value for consumer and enterprise users. By grouping search results into Tips (content with positive to-do statements), Pits (content with negative don’t do statements), and Remaining messages (messages with neutral or factual content) TipTop search delivers real life options and decision making value. Capturing the experiences and opinions of users and being able to respond and share these things across a platform like Twitter is amazing. Being able to utilize and share this content through search results in an efficient and relevant way is what is all about. Here are some of TipTop’s search features and results:

View, ReTweet or Reply

View, ReTweet or Reply

  • ReTweeting and replying to Twitter messages from topics you searched.
  • Searching and viewing Twitter messages by Tips, Pits, and Remaining messages.
  • Filtering and browsing Twitter messages by general Topic & Category Filteringcategories or related topics found within the results data for your search.
  • Viewing messages To, From and About Users and monitoring persona or brand sentiment via Tips and Pits.
  • Expanding shortened urls Expand Shrink URL in messages to view the real source of linked content. Click E to Expand and S to Shrink.
  • Viewing and responding to the positive and negative opinions about products, people, events, and places.
  • Real time updates to your TipTop search results. Each search on TipTop generates a unique url or link which you can copy, bookmark or save on your site. For example: A suggested refresh rate for each search result is listed at the bottom of the search results page.

So please take a moment to share with us how you like your TipTop results. Let us know on Twitter, our TipTop Fan Page, through a Feedback Form, or post a comment on TipTop’s Blog.

Have a great weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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