TipTop Searches Solar Eclipse

17 Jul
From: Life To: Life

From: Life To: Life

TipTop reaches in and reaches out into your world, its up to you to explore the possibilities and share with others. Checking out TipTop’s FAQs and Search Results Page Help, watching the TipTop Search Video tutorial, or joining the TipTop Fan Page are great ways to get the most out of the current information and perspectives you are looking for through TipTop Search. On TipTop you can actually find what you and others are searching Twitter for.🙂

This week’s TipTop conversation is around the most complete Solar Eclipse until 2132 taking place this Wednesday, July 22nd. Follow the links below to see TipTop results!

Ron Weasley: What is the best way to see the longest solar eclipse next week?

Hermione: The best place to see the eclipse is a village in India, 20 km from Patna, named Tarengana where Aryabhat, once upon a time, saw these astrological phenomena.

Ron Weasley: I’ll need some great pizza to watch this fire ball disappear!

Harry Potter: Well, we all know the best pizza is in New Haven, CT, at Pepes. But, I wonder about other ways to get views of the eclipse?

Professor McGonagall: A month or so ago I found a guy through TipTop saying he was going to India to watch the “solar eclipse of the century”.  He has a link to live webcams, one in Sasaram and one in Varanasi.

Dumbledore: Sorry, I can’t make this viewing. Snapes his fingers and disappears into…

We hope you enjoy whatever fun your weekend brings!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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