TipTop Search: Comparing Value in Your Results

24 Jul

tiptop logoEnter what you are looking for into the search box, and TipTop searches messages currently posted on Twitter by people, organizations, and companies. TipTop adds value by analyzing the messages and providing a result set of top tips displayed in columns of positive to-do tip-type messages, negative don’t do pit-type messages, or more factual remaining messages. The result set of Tip, Pit and Remaining messages can also be filtered by clicking related topics to the left of the search results and filtered by clicking the category tabs above the search results. TipTop’s results for your search queries provide a lot of valuable information, diverse perspectives, and positive ways to connect with other people. Below are some side-by-side comparisons highlighting the value of TipTop search

Twitter Search Results

Twitter Search Results

results over other available services:

Getting married? Find out what others are experiencing and feeling during this time. See how people are finding solutions to hurdles (Tips) or how not to deal with a problem (Pits). Clicking the communication icons next to each message you can share you findings, opinions, and solutions with individual people or with the Twitter universe. By

CrowdEye Search Results

CrowdEye Search Results

clicking links on the writer’s image you can learn about and communicate directly with a variety of people around the world who are either in the same situation as you or are interested in the topic you searched for.  To view comparable results for “getting married” on TipTop, Twitter and

TipTop Search Results

TipTop Search Results

CrowdEye click the images to the right.

Movie theater or DVD? Need help deciding if you should go see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs at the theater this weekend or wait for the DVD? TipTop’s social search results deliver contextually relevant real-time content that is embedded in text messages from Twitter users. Through TipTop search results you can (1) view how many people wrote positive and negative things about the movie, (2) filter results by category, like web pages, to only see messages with websites so you can read online reviews or view movie trailers on YouTube,

TipTop Search Results

TipTop Search Results

and (3) safely start up

Google Search Resuls

Google Search Resuls

a conversation with individual people you want to share thoughts with by clicking the communication icons found next to each message. Compare TipTop search results above and Google search results to the right. From what I saw you better see Ice Age in the theater!

Spam is everywhere even though Twitter is removing spam accounts. TipTop natural language search technology filters the noise/spam by extracting the best messages from quality users in the results set. Of course, if you are searching for spam, gratuitous advertising, or spammers you will probably find it, too.  🙂 A unique feature that TipTop Fans can useReTip to improve the quality of results is to click the thumbs-up ReTip icon in a message  if you like a person’s tweet and want to express your appreciation directly. Below are examples of search results for “coupons” on Twitter, CrowdEye, and TipTop.  tiptop_coupons

twitter_coupons crowdeye_coupons

Looking for friends, activity partners, or people interested in sustainable food? TipTop search results highlight the people that are writing about the topic you searched for. Looking at TipTop’s search results below you can click on a person’s image to view all the messages that have been written about them, sent To them or sent From them…all organized into Tips, Pits and Remaining messages. This gives you perspective on a person’s personality from which you can decide how to communicate with or about them through the communication tools ReTip, ReTweet, and Reply options placed next to each message. If you find a comparable service out there that brings together all these dynamic features, please ReTip it!

sustainable food

Want to get snazzy with social search? TipTop provides unique analysis of sentiment and filtering of current messages posted on Twitter by topics, categories, and advanced search options. As you can see below TipTop provides a lot of features and functionality on the search results pages in addition to the advanced search operators used on Twitter.

tiptop_search_helpWe hope TipTop helps you unlock the richness found in all this great content we are creating, sharing, and discovering every day to make all our lives more fruitful.

Have a great weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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