My Search for a New Phone, and TipTop Results

20 Aug
TipTop Search

TipTop Search

This week we have the privilege of sharing a story sent in from one of our TipTop Search users. If you’d like to share a TipTop search experience please send it along. In the meantime enjoy Usha’s story!

I’ve known for a long time that my small Samsung flip phone was on its last legs. I love it dearly, but as the summer went on, the battery life dwindled and dwindled. Seeing the writing on the wall, I began to think about what my next phone would be. TipTop was really useful in my research – after I made a list of phones I liked from Verizon‘s website, I searched for the name of each one in TipTop. This was especially useful for newer phones, which many people have been tweeting about.

I discovered that most people like the LG enV3, a phone with a keyboard that I liked a lot. There’s also a touch-screen version of the enV, which I didn’t like so much. but the TipTop search revealed very few negative comments about the enV Touch, which was interesting to find out – most people seemed to like it.

But by far the most useful part of my TipTop research was what it DIDN’T show me: the search results that would not have helped me, like advertisements for the enV3 or “Do you think I should get an enV3?” were put in remaining messages so that I didn’t have to sort through them. This made the search really efficient, because everything I needed showed up in the first one or two pages of hits.

Last Saturday morning, my phone refused to turn on, and I knew the day had come. Nervous about replacing my trusty old phone, I pulled up a last-minute tiptop search before heading out to the Verizon store. It gave me confidence, because the Twitter community had good things to say about all of the phones I was considering buying. Now, I’m happy with a brand new blue env3. If you’re in the market for a new phone or any other gadget that you don’t know much about, a TipTop search is a fast and useful way to find out what others think.

Thanks Usha for all those tips! Have a great week everyone!

Greg & The TipTop Team

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