Be Social with TipTop Search’s ReTip, ReTweet, and Reply

01 Sep

is a one-of-a-kind Twitter-based search engine. Whatever you need,
TipTop helps you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as well as
people to engage and share experiences with. In last weeks blog we had occasion to feature a TipTop Fan's story about shopping for a smartphone
using TipTop. Usha highlighted some great aspects of TipTop Search,
like the high relevancy and quality content of messages TipTop Search
delivers into Top Tips and Top Pits for any given topic people are
talking about on Twitter. Another equally important aspect of TipTop
search results are the real people that are posting about the topics
you search on and your ability to directly or indirectly interact with them. If you have a apluskTwitter account, you can click the people's images, next to the Tip and Pit message results, to see their profile page on Twitter. On their images you can click "To" or "From"
to see the conversations they are engaged in through the eyes of TipTop
Search. You can even search on their Twitter profile to see everything
that is being said To, From, and About that profile. In this example, we used Ashton Kutcher. If you like following people, especially celebrities, try out TipTop's People Channel.

The ability
to directly communicate with the people that are posting these great
messages TipTop Search finds for you is easy. At the bottom of each
message in the search results you will see three boxes labeled Re-Tip,
Retweet, and Reply. Say you are researching that smartphone and are on the fence between purchasing the iPhone or a G2 phone. You find this message and found the link useful for researching the G2. G2 phoneYou
need to share this great content with others, so click Re-Tip and share
the message on Twitter and thus leave a breadcrumb for yourself and
others. The message will look something like this when you update it on

there is a message you find interesting, funny, or useful you can also
Retweet a message. For example,  "RT @centriq Yo the #G1 phone is the
bomb!!! I can do mad stuff with this phone … Does anyone know when
the #G2 is coming out?". Finally, if you see a message from someone and
want more information, need a more specific answer, etc., you can Reply
to their message. G2_ReplyFor
example, you want to know if this person found a solution to water
proofing their G2 phone. Just click Reply, and type in your questions!

Things that
you post, retweet, or reply to on Twitter all come together to create
an online persona or personality of sorts. A fun way to see a Twitter
user's persona is to look at the concepts related to messages from, to
or about them on Twitter. If we take the Ashton Kutcher example, you will see all the concepts Embed_widgetrelated to Twitter messages that he posts or that are posted about him. Another way to look at search results is through TipTop Search Widgets that you can place on your blog or website. Look for the green box and click, "Embed these results" to build your TipTop Search Widget. An example of this Concept Cloud widget can be seen at the Ahimsa Village's Blog.

There is lots of great stuff happening with TipTop Search so please stay tuned for more updates! As always you can follow us on Twitter @twittiptop or become a TipTop Fan on Facebook. Have a great week!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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2 responses to “Be Social with TipTop Search’s ReTip, ReTweet, and Reply

  1. Clay

    April 7, 2010 at 4:54 am

    Such pdf search engines as maybe very useful, because all the index files are only in pdf format.

  2. nike free run

    December 11, 2010 at 12:42 am

    The largest harnesses available will often hold up to seven plastic pods (that hold 140 rounds of.68 caliber paintballs each). In a woodsball match


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