TipTop Search Widgets: Customize Content for your Website or Blog

11 Sep

TipTop Logo TipTop Search Widgets are now available to add to your Website or blog. You can create a TipTop widget by (1) going to TipTop Search, (2) try some searches related to your Website or blog posting, and when satisfied with the search results (3) click Add TipTop Search Widget , (4) customizing the the information fields in the widget creation browser window, and when you are satisfied with the widget preview, (5) click "Generate" to receive the widget code via Email. The application of TipTop Search Widgets are only limited by your creativity and blog platforms that allow the use of javascript code to be embeded (like Blogger or Typepad).TipTop Search Widget content comes in three flavors which automatically update for you once you have added them to your site:

  • The "Top Tips and piTs" widget displays the top Tip and piT messages and authors for the specified search term.
  • The "Tips and piTs ratios" widget displays the percentage of Tips and piTs (positive and negative sentiment) being written about the specified search term.
  • The "Concept Cloud" widget displays all the related topics people are writing about related to the search term specified.

Celebrity_Chat_WidgetHere are some examples of TipTop Search Widgets in action. If your site or blog posting is about people, your readers will enjoy seeing the running commentary about a celebrity or famous personality like the Korean star Woo Young. As you can see you can interact with the @writers and the links they post in the messages. The automatic refreshing of Top Tip and piT messages will be indicated with a time stamp below the message. Your readers can easily get search results from Twitter by entering a query in the TipTop Search box at the top of the search widget. If your readers would be interested in quick opinion polling  results related to any subject try out the "Tips and piTs ratio" search widget. A good example of this sentiment snapshot is for hearing what real people are saying about new releases, like the Tarentino movie Inglorious Basterds.   Live_Polling_Widget

Below are a couple examples of the "Concept Cloud" widgets, which are helpful for your readers if the topic or theme of your website encourages research, discovery or a curiosity itch.            

Ahimsa Village, a sustainable community group, is using the Concept Cloud
widget to enable members to see what conversations are happening now on Twitter, in preparation for a talk about the economist Henry George.  This is a great Event_Related_Concepts_Widget way to get participants interested in an event and prepare for a discussion. A great idea for book club discussions as well!
Current events are often the subject of blog postings and the writings of many a journalist, so it is no surprise that a TipTop Concept Cloud widget was created to allow readers to delve deeper into the topic, Great Depression, in an article discussing the failure of recent economic models in the blog, Letters to Sachin.

If you would like more information to get started, below is a screen shot and clickable help link to the widget creation process. TipTop Search Widget Help Screen

If you want an easy way to engage the users of your website or stimulate the readers of your blog with real-time user-generated content, please try out and customize the TipTop Search Widgets to suit your needs. Please let us know where you are using the widgets, by sharing a comment on this post. For more information about TipTop Technologies check out our new corporate site.

Have a great week!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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    The automatic refreshing of Top Tip and piT messages will be indicated with a time stamp below the message. Your readers can easily get search results from Twitter by entering a query in the TipTop Search box at the top of the search widget.


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