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26 Sep


TipTop Search is located at for a reason, we take this address to heart in what TipTop is all about. The TipTop team takes pride in providing the best real time social search results with an evolving innovative user interface. We find inspiration everyday through the search results which highlight diverse perspectives on people, news and events through grouping messages posted on Twitter into Tips and piTs. We hope TipTop Search helps and inspires you to get involved and interact with the things and people you are passionate about, just like the celebrities featured below, who use their public profiles in positive ways. TipTop Search offers a number of ways to get the most out of online personalities, the sentiment around them. and the things they are passionate about.


1. TipTop Widgets allow users to follow what Deepak Chopra is posting on Twitter,

read conversations others are having with him, and view what web content people are posting about him. To add a search widget to your website or blog from TipTop Search results look for


click, customize, and embed the code on your site.

2. Follow conversations from:1CApplegate "Those in different time zones watch @theellenshow today. I will be talking more about Lee Denim Day and Right Action for Women. #endcancer."

Follow topics and get the latest information and support causes like Right Action for Women which is being propelled by cancer survivor Christina Applegate.

3. Re-Tip tips and inspiration from progressive celebrities like Alyssa Milano. Click

Re-Tipto share the tweet, "Pls check out the inspiring work @EdwardNorton is doing 2 raise support 4 Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust:"

ReTip_MilanoOr Retweet, "RT @Alyssa_MilanoThis is worth 5 min of your time. RT @BillCosby Watch the MSNBC special 'About Our Children' here:" (via"

4. Not surprisingly there is a lot of cross pollination between the twittersphere and television, especially with the likes of the Ellen Show, where she tweeted about Beyonce's beautiful moment on stage and you could read the buzz and get the best links via TipTop's search results.

5. Gauging sentiment and compiling responses to campaigns by looking at the percentage of Tips and piTs, trends and the results themselves offers lots of rich data. For example, Lucy Liu, was recently honored by UNICEF for her work with children and coincidentally just posted a message calling out for help to stop "Child Trafficking" by posting this article and this picture to make a difference.

6. The viral power social search and celebrity status was made very apparent as soon as Ashton Kucher posted his "violin kid video" and how that was Retweeted around, "RT @sarah_ross: hey @aplusk check this out . . . Young-violinist-finds-online-fame-thanks-to YOU =", captured by TipTop search results via the Ellen Show!

We at TipTop hope you are enjoying the show online and off, check out our TipTop Celebrity Channel, and use tiptop everyday!

Send @twitTipTop a message how you have been inspired while using TipTop Search.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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