Share the Buzz Around Your TipTop Search Results

02 Oct

Mooncake_share Tip Top Search results always contain some useful nuggets for you, and often you will find aspects of them noteworthy enough to share on your social networks, like twitter or facebook.

For example, today I realized it was the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, so I did a search for "mooncakes", a traditional edible treat shared among family and friends. I found the TipTop results fun and amusing so I shared them on twitter. Read through the steps I did to share my search results. Try it for yourself and the benefit of your friends the next time you search TipTop.

Enjoy the Autumn Moon Festival and search TipTop to find the best place to buy mooncakes, or share a tip with someone who is looking for a bite!


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One response to “Share the Buzz Around Your TipTop Search Results

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