Celebrating Semantics and Social Search in 2009 & Wishing All a TipTop 2010 New Year

31 Dec

Click for TipTop Search. As TipTop Technologies looks forward to the 2010 New Year, we are proud of all the progress we made this year and grateful for all the support from our users and fans during 2009. In 2010, TipTop will continue to bring out the best most relevant products to you through semantics, social media, real-time search, and discovery from large scale data analysis.

There are lots of "Best of 2009" lists, which Click to view larger image. you can discover via TipTop Search, but today we excited to celebrate the best of  real-time search, semantics and the social web through TipTop's recently updated design interface and Related Content features:

  1. The current concepts related to your search keywords. Click the terms to filter the Tip & piT Tweets by concepts.
  2. The best Tweets grouped into positive Tips and negative piTs, ranked by relevancy to your search keywords.
  3. Related content to your search: A) Most relevant people tweeting. B) Overall sentiment about your search keywords. C) Top products related to your search.  D) Current & popular web links (websites, news & media).

Over the last few months TipTop has brought semantics, social media, real-time search, and discovery from large scale data analysis together in three "Holiday Specials" revealing unique insights into Halloween 2009, Thanksgiving 2009, and the 2009 Holiday Gift Giving Season.

Finally, the recently launched TipTop ShoppingClick to view in larger window. further integrates search, semantics and the social web into a powerful comparison shopping experience. From the press release, Shyam Kapur notes that “Not only as a user do you now get to pick the very best
products that are out there but you also save lots of time and money.”
As a bonus, he joked, “you can also boast afterwards to recipients of
your gifts that their gift is extra special because it was found using
the world’s first semantic, online shopping engine. They will then
appreciate your gift even more!” 

For example if you were checking out "Notable Children’s Books of 2009" in the New York Times you could then 1) compare the titles in TipTop Shopping and sort by overall ratings, value for money, and price. In addition to 2) reading the most relevant pro and con consumer reviews for each product attribute in the comparison grid, you can 3) see all the real-time social web buzz and related content to your product search. Of course when you are finished shopping and adding items to your shopping cart, you can "Checkout" and buy the products on Amazon.

For 2010, TipTop Technologies looks forward to bringing its consumer web products to the next level with personalization, comprehensive data processing, and more deep verticals like TipTop Shopping. We welcome you to join us for a revolutionary 2010!

Wishing you a TipTop 2010 New Year!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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