Managing Corporate Personas, Product Branding & Market Trends in Social Media

22 Jan

TipTop Logo Businesses are using social media tactics to varying degrees of success according to the B2C vs. B2B research results from MarketingProfs Research:Twitter Tactics That WorkedAlso, many of  Loic Le Meur's (Seesmic CEO) predictions like "Corporations will have entire teams devoted to Twitter and status updates" are already taking form. New roles and additional responsibilities are being created throughout organizations to include both employees and customers in social media engagement beyond just a 'community mangager' position as highlighted well in Amber Naslund's recent article.  According to theNEXTWEB, Starbucks has a very strong social media strategy which offers a great way to illustrate how TipTop is being used today to help small and large companies:

Starbucks Usecase1. One way to influence how others see your company's product, service or brand in TipTop search results is to Re-Tip, Retweet or Reply to people's 'Tip tweets' or 'piT tweets'.

2. People supportive of you are then featured as Top People on Twitter indicating that they are experts, influencers or actively engaged with your product, service or brand on Twitter. You can energize these people some more by using the Tip off feature in TipTop.

3. Quickly identify PR problems and opportunities using TipTop's Sentiment Trends chart or reviewing links from Top Pages on the Web. After reviewing the trend chart,
move the slider to get the search results from the corresponding period of time.  You can then Filter Tips by specific topics and see Tip tweets and piT tweets and the people associated with the observed shift in sentiment or buzz. You can do this for your own brand and product as well as of those of your competitors.

Large and small companies find it easy to use TipTop to conduct product, brand, and benchmarking research through:

For some more research ideas, you can also read a recent post on GrowMap's blog, "How to Use TipTop for Real-Time Market Research".

In this new year, companies big and small need to be proactive in managing their online personas, marketing campaigns and product sentiment on social media platforms like TipTop. We are here to help you and your business achieve great success this year.  Now that you are aware of the rich possibilities, we hope to see your corporate presence emerge stronger on TipTop profile pages like the one for Starbucks which are viewed by tens of thousands of our users each month.

What also makes TipTop unique is that our solution and platform is made available to everyone in the world free of charge.  Many businesses today spend large amounts of money on comparable services that appear to offer much less than what we offer for free. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can also tell you about our premier solutions which can be made available to you for a charge.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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9 responses to “Managing Corporate Personas, Product Branding & Market Trends in Social Media

  1. Shyam Kapur

    January 23, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    This post is full of valuable insights for those looking to make the most of the social media revolution that is now all around us. Whether you are an individual keen to grow your personal brand or a business hoping to make more sales, add TipTop to your existing list of must-use social sites & then let the magic unfold.

  2. jordan retro 5

    October 7, 2010 at 1:48 am

    I totally agree. These big companies used to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, for a tv commercial. Bloggers are their new commercial, yet for some reason they think that we should do this for free. They think we have nothing better to do than to sit around blogging about their products while receiving no compensation. Who do they think is going to pay the rent and electric? I can assure you they are not working for free, so why should they expect us to?

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    November 18, 2010 at 9:42 am

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