Get TipTop Anywhere, Be TipTop Anytime

29 Jan

Access TipTop Search & TipTop Shopping Anywhere Anytime:   

  • from the address – this is especially useful when you are using smart phones, and highlighted in TipTop's mobile devices blog post. For example, before you shop make sure you're plugged into to easily get product rating summaries, compare multiple products, and read real product reviews anywhere anytime while on the go.TipTop Browser Add Ons
  • from any Web browser – click Add2Browser to have TipTop at your fingertips each time you are online.
  • from your bookmarks – save time by Bookmarking specific TipTop search result pages in your browser, like the Starbucks company profile.

Have you "Googled Yourself"? Others have, so make sure your profile is in Tip Top shape!

TipTop Technologies profileWhether you are an individual or a business, your TipTop page is an
excellent reflection of you.  If your TipTop page is not yet in the
Google index, you are clearly not doing a great job at promoting yourself.  This is what you need to do:

Check for your TipTop presence in Google by:

If you do not see your TipTop profile on the first page of Google results, search on TipTop for yourself or your business, your twitter ID and
other related concepts. Then, share results on Twitter via TipTop or directly submit the
of your TipTop page, (e.g,  to Google and other major search engines.

Google already indexes hundreds of thousands of high-quality TipTop pages.  No matter what your query on Google, TipTop pages are likely to appear in the top few search results.  There is a way to increase the chance that you get the TipTop page by adding "tiptop" to your query word.  For example, next time you search on Google – we know googling is a habit hard to break – for "justin bieber", you might as well search for "tiptop justin bieber" instead so that you can head straight to TipTop's unmatched page for the teen heartthrob.  Got it?  Whether you search on Google first or on TipTop directly, you can get the best search experience without having to type your query more than once. Just remember to add the word "tiptop" to your query on Google.

In summary, whatever else you might forget, do not forget "TipTop". TipTop is a magic mantra you need to keep on top of your mind to make both your life and business TipTop.

We hope you enjoyed these cool Tips. Have a TipTop weekend! You knew this was coming.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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  1. agent taobao

    January 10, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    *One of these days is none of these days!!!


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