2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercials: TipTop’s SB44 Ad Ratings

10 Feb

TipTop's 2010 Super Bowl Ad RatingsTipTop Technologies analyzed the real-time social media sentiment from tweets related to over forty top brands or products which bought advertising spots on CBS's Sunday's Super Bowl 44 broadcast of the NFL Playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. On most Super Bowl Commercial ratings sites you will see polling results or an editor's picks for the best ads and the worst commercials, like in TIME Magazine's 2010 Super Bowl Commercials ListTwittertweetvolumeThere are also Super Bowl search metrics which show search volume and even real-time tweets during the game as shown on Twitter's blog post. TipTop agrees with the article's author, @kevinweil that "The convergence of sports, brands, and culture around the Super Bowl
makes for a particularly fascinating set of tweets to follow."
That is why TipTop has taken a similar set of tweet data, analyzed it before and after Super Bowl XLIV aired, and brought together the positive and negative sentiment ratings and best tweets directly related to the companies, products and brands which had aired commercials during the big game.

Google's Post Game SentimentLooking at the TipTop summary results and Sentiment Trends chart for Google's Parisian Love Ad there was a clear increase in both Positive Tip (Green) & Negative piT (Red) sentiment related to Google's brand after the 2010 Super Bowl Commercial was run.

Some brand & product examples from TipTop's 2010 Super Bowl Ad Ratings Pre & Post Super Bowl sentiment analysis list include:   

TipTop's SB44 Ad Ratings SampleTo fully understand the implications of TipTop's semantic technology and linguistic analysis, read David Stodders, article "How Text Analytics Drive Customer Insight".  TipTop's results quickly capture and accurately assess
what is being said and felt around any topic as expressed in social
networks.  It can then summarize the sentiment around an event before,
after or real-time using trend charts and comparison ratings. Finally
TipTop results can provide specific examples which can be used to understand
the reasons why brand sentiment or product opinions have changed over

What also makes TipTop
unique is that our solution and platform is made available to everyone
in the world free of charge.  Many businesses today spend large amounts
of money on comparable services that appear to offer much less than
what we offer for free. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can also tell you about our premier solutions which can be made available to you for a charge.

Enjoy and have a tip top week!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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6 responses to “2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercials: TipTop’s SB44 Ad Ratings

  1. Shyam Kapur

    February 10, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Wow! Congrats! I am literally speechless. I didn’t think anyone could put something like this together. Certainly not a virtually unknown start-up. Are you guys way ahead of the big guys? Methinks you are.

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