Watching the 2010 Academy Awards & Walking the Red Carpet Via TipTop Social Search & Sentiment

09 Mar

TipTop 2010 Academy Awards SpecialFor this year's Academy Awards, TipTop was the only place I needed to be at to get the most out of the entire 2010 Oscar's Celebrations. For some, seeing celebrities strut their fashion sense down the Red Carpet was the best part of watching the Academy Awards, and catching up on the After Party gossip & Oscar fashion trash talking was even better. This year it was fun & insightful to take a look at this glitzy event through TipTop's celebrity search results & Oscars leaderboard trend charts. Keeping up with the Red Carpet after party tweets via TipTop was also a trip, learning how Meryl Streep makes it all good,  wondering about the deal between Steve Martin and George Clooney, and what about that Sandy Powell outfit! We now know Cinnabuns are out & who the Worst Dressed & the Best Dressed celebrities were are and will be from Khloe Kardashian and the fashion police.

From the rant to the results & key findings:
Overall, using social media data to predict the Academy Award winners based upon the sentiment analysis of millions of tweets related to the Oscar nominees proved successful in a number of ways. For the thirteen nominations tracked, TipTop's Oscar's Tip Leaderboard showed the winners 46% of the time. TipTop's results illustrate the ease of making predictions through proper semantic analysis of tweets; displaying positive & negative trends (Click piTs Leaderboard Charts) around social media topics like actors & movies, and extracting summaries (key tweets & top Web sites) from the data to provide insights into why a topic is trending. 

  1. In the case of the Oscar's winners, public opinion doesn't determine the outcome of the Academy Awards, as we saw in the choice of Sandra Bullock (Best Actress piTs Leader) over Carrey Mulligan (Best Actress Tips Leader). LeadingActress_PitsLeaderboard Shyam Kapur Oscar picks
  2. Using non-English title keywords as the basis to collect and analyze English language tweets doesn't provide accurate results. For example, The Secret in Their Eyes versus El Secreto de Sus Ojos skewed the leaderboard results for Best Foreign Language Film. Abhijit Sahay Oscar picks
  3. TipTop's prediction success for the seven "major" awards was much higher than for the other awards with less data to analyze.  The larger the amount of
    data processed, higher the likelihood that TipTop's prediction was right. Using TipTop to pick the major awards seemed to
    prove at least a 200-300% higher success rate than random Oscar
    predictions. Best Picture was particularly hard to get right this year because there were ten nominations instead of five to
    pick from.
  4. TipTop
    provided a powerful analytics tool that could be used by a human being
    to make high-quality predictions. There were many ways to use the
    analysis to derive predictions (Tip & piT Leaderboard Trend Charts, Tip & piT summaries, TipTop search results, etc.). If more people had made predictions
    based on TipTop using the analysis, some of them would have been even
    more successful than those who did.

82nd Academy Award Ceremony – 2010 Oscar Winners:

analysis of real-time social media as a predictive indicator is an
active area of research at TipTop Technologies, and we look forward to presenting
more insights 
into the relationship between sentiment trends and prediction in financial
markets, shopping patterns, and political opinion
like in our President Obama In-Depth Coverage (See TipTop's Blog post).


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