Overview of several new features in TipTop

30 Apr

Today, we launched TipTop Finance, a must-visit web site for anyone who follows the business prospects of public companies year round. We will tell you more about that site in one of our future posts.
We are also excited to announce several new features in addition to the friendlier layout in our search results page:

  • After you type just a few letters in the search box, real-time query suggestions now start to appear. Through analysis of a variety of relevant data, we try to anticipate the most likely user needs at that time.
  • In the first column, we now offer suggestions as to how your query can be modified to get even more focused results. These suggestions are also derived in real-time. For example, for the query "sharks" in the context of the NHL playoffs, the suggestions might be a query involving the terms "game", "san jose" and "hockey" in addition to "sharks".
  • In addition to our widely used "I Like", "Retweet" and "Reply" buttons, we now offer a "Forward" button that you can use to forward easily any interesting tweet to few specific persons.

These new features make TipTop even more powerful. No matter what your need, you can now very likely find its fulfillment at TipTop. Should you ever forget that the TipTop site is at, you can go to your favorite search engine like Google and search for TipTop to get back to us easily. You can also search within these search engines for TipTop pages by prefixing your query with the word tiptop. For example, the query "tiptop bieber" on Google will get you to a page with a link to the TipTop page for "Justin Bieber". When you search on Google, you can alternatively use their "I Feel Lucky" button rather than the Search button to come straight to the right page on TipTop. As long as, one way or another, you find your way to TipTop, you can easily get the very best tips round the clock from us.

Shyam Kapur & the TipTop team


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