President Obama’s Approval Ratings Spike: Get Perspectives Across the US with TipTop

30 Jul

This week onwards you can use TipTop, the Insight Engine, to get the best tips, perspectives and personal connections from specific locations all around the world. The ability to get the best tips about local activities, haunts, businesses & news is as easy as entering a query in the search box on & selecting a specific location from the adjacent “Any place” drop-down menu. There are many ways to make use of TipTop’s local social search such as geo-location marketing, asking local experts, discovering new restaurants, or learning how people feel about any local or global issue.

Today, I noticed a positive sentiment spike to 56% in TipTop’s In-depth coverage of “President Obama Approval Ratings”, so I took a TipTop snapshot of the political pulse around President Obama across the country. You can learn more about TipTop’s social media polling, daily sentiment trend summaries & benchmarking of these results in one of our earlier blog posts. From cities around the US & overseas, these are some insights TipTop extracted from your tweets:

  • TipTop’s Atlanta “Obama” sentiment trends at the time of this search were 22% positive & 20% negative and the concept cloud topics included ‘news, gm, man, home, star, people, & speech’. Gregomyleggo shared these results on Twitter by selecting “Sentiment Trends” from the top right “I Like” button.
  • TipTop’s Austin “Obama” results had similar sentiment ratings to those for Atlanta. Of course, the topics were different, focusing on concepts like ‘oil, admin, american, senate & snooty’. Gregomyleggo saw a provoking snippet, so he clicked “Reply” to send a tweet to the poster.
  • TipTop’s Boston “Obama” results showed people not thinking too highly of the President, tweeting negatively 17% of the time about topics corresponding to “Obama” & ‘people, admin, gm, blackberry, tv & headset’. Gregomyleggo thought a couple of the “Top Pages on the Web” TipTop extracted from these Bostonians were interesting enough to share on Twitter (by selecting the option from the “I Like” button).
  • Chicago & Los Angeles pundits shared few opinions let alone similar sentiment toward the President. We should look more into how these folks thought about his appearance on “The View“!
  • Both San Francisco & Seattle are clearly on the left coast as judged by the  Tips & piTs corresponding to those cities. While looking at the view from Washington, we see much more excitement about Michelle Obama at Good Stuff Eatery than about the real issues 😉

  • For a somewhat more international perspective, I took a look at TipTop results for Toronto & London. Tiptop found they are also tweeting about “The View” but their take on President Obama is quite different. Toronto tweets are 27% positive, focusing on topics such as auto, detroit, worker, michigan & car. London tweets are slightly more negative, trash talking the President 18% of the time … mostly about “The View“, healthcare & his blackberry.  

Generally, TipTop’s social media polling trends spike before the “Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval Poll” so keep an eye there and compare it to TipTop’s “President Obama Approval Ratings”!

Remember whenever you are looking for any kind of tips around town. Also, please send us your feedback so we can improve our local results to make your
& others’ life experiences more & more TipTop.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real


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