Australia Votes in Close 2010 Elections: Use TipTop, Not the Psychic Croc for Predictions

20 Aug

The federal election campaign in Australia has reached its final days with the governing Labor Party & opposition Coalition Party neck and neck. Today a psychic saltwater crocodile picked Labor Party leader Julia Gillard to be elected Prime Minister by gobbling a chicken hanging from her head shot (more from the National Post). TipTop’s social media sentiment predictions are a bit more refined and still show the candidates running head-to-head, except in Perth where the Coalition leader Tony Abbott was lagging. 

Using TipTop to follow the Australian vote is easy. You can get parliamentary election discussions broken down into browsable topics & positive and negative snippets by searching #ausvotes. To see what the important issues are for Australian voters from ABC’s Australia Votes 2010 twitter thread, view TipTop’s results for #myvote to see more than just streaming tweets. From this real-time social search perspective you can see changing sentiment trends, hot topics & the tips to show you what people are thinking about regarding the issues, candidates, and the overall election.






Elections are local events, so today on  TipTop’s hub page at we feature social media polling results for both candidates for Prime Minister in key cities across Australia – the day before Saturday’s election outcome.  Below are cities for which we got Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott sentiments’ results by entering the candidates name into the TipTop search box and selecting the city from the “Any place” pull-down menu. Click on the links below to see the latest results for either candidate. At the time of this snapshot, TipTop’s polling results show:


  • Adelaide voters saw Julia Gillard with 30% positive & 13% negative sentiment. For latest results go to Sentiment results for Tony Abbott were 33% positive & 22% negative. For the latest results go to

Check out the Australia 2010 election page & you will see the outcome on TipTop for the latest trends, topics & tips.

whenever you are looking for any kind of tips locally or globally.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real




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13 responses to “Australia Votes in Close 2010 Elections: Use TipTop, Not the Psychic Croc for Predictions

  1. Shyam Kapur

    August 20, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    This is awesome. I cannot wait to see how the election results turn out in the next couple of hours. Would TipTop once again prove to be a good predictor of voter intentions?

  2. TipTop Search - From: Life To: Life

    August 21, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Still a close race on TipTop
    See why TipTop results for “Gillard” are now 28% Tips & 17% piTs.
    See why TipTop results for “Tony Abbott” are now 30% Tips & 24% piTs.

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