TipTop’s Geo Local Search & Social Media Marketing Opportunities

19 Sep

Local search results, social media content & solutions for knowing what people are interested in at cities & towns around the world has never been easier. Just use TipTop at!

Om Malik’s recent post, “Is Geo-Local the Answer to the Local Advertising Quandary?”, reviews GPS based advertising options available & how companies are trying to meet local consumer & business needs.

“So what is the answer? GPS-based local offers which push you into taking action based on where you are. In other words, a needs-based location-aware mobile-based advertising platform that’s a part AdSense and part Groupon.”

The primary issue facing small businesses & local advertisers is how to get in front of customers with the right message at the right time to fulfill what is on the Top of their mind.  A post on GrowMap’s blog, “How to Use TipTop for Real-Time Market Research“, illustrates how can be used for brand marketing & consumer sentiment analysis. It is easy to see how TipTop’s semantic technology can extract what is on the Top of people’s minds & provide related answers. With the introduction of location based search functionality into the TipTop platform, real-time geo-targeted lead generation becomes even more effective & beneficial for consumers & advertisers alike. Now, TipTop’s platform for discovering what is on the Top of people’s mind & delivering the best Tips becomes even more powerful. Here’s how to use TipTop to find who is “hungry” in Boston right now:

  1. Enter your query  in the “Search for Tips” box.
  2. Click “Localize by Region” in the results title.
  3. Enter a city & click “Search” on the pop-up map.
  4. Interact with the resulting Tips below.

Do you have the right Tips to help these people out? Matching through “My TipTop” takes one person’s Top and answers with another’s Tip. For example:

@westanddaniels‘s Norfolk Tip on “Saturday night” answers @freshd22‘s Top -Match on

For more ways to use TipTop for social media marketing, please refer to “Managing Corporate Personas, Product Branding & Market Trends in Social Media”. If you are interested in some upcoming one-day social media events please check out Social Media Marketing’s Website or #smmuk10 in TipTop:


  • Email Marketing: San Francisco – 17th Sept 2010

Brian Solis (FutureWorks), Mark Schmulen (Constant Contact)and Kristin Hersant (StrongMail)


  • Social Media Advertising: London – 20th Sept 2010

Matt Atkinson (EHN Brann), Peter Crosby (Viadeo) and E.J. Garcia (Purple, Rock, Scissors)

  • Social Media Marketing & Advertising: Miami – 30th Sept 2010

Evan Weber (Experience Advertising), Ian Fernando (IANternet Media) and Murray Newlands (Influence People)

  • Monitoring Social Media: Boston – 5th October 2010

Marshall Sponder (WebMetricsGuru), Seth Grimes (Alta Plana), Radian6 and Brandwatch

  • Monitoring Social Media: San Francisco – 21st October 2010

Jennifer Neeley Lindsay (BlogTalkRadio), Radian6 and Brandwatch

If you would like to participate in any of these social media events listed above & would like to receive a discount:

Enjoy & have a great weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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