Weekend Movies: Which new release film deserves your time or dime?

01 Oct

See what’s hot or not for October 1st openings at theaters this weekend on TipTop! Do you need some help deciding which movie to see on the big screen? Are you trying to figure out whether or not a new release film is movie theatre or DVD worthy? Or if you are in the same predicament as @MaddyTweetz, do yourself a favor and use TipTop to help you figure it all out.

MaddyDebating what movie to catch tonight: The Town, Social Network or Let me In. Thoughts??
The movie grid below is a quick and easy way to compare topics across aggregated sentiment scores, browse current buzz topics & see current tips from social media. To create a similar comparison grid for yourself on TipTop simply go to
  1. Enter a movie (or any topic) in the search box and save your query to “My TipTop” (To learn more read our previous My TipTop blog post)
  2. Go to “My TipTop” & comare the Selected Queries across positive & negative Tip sentiment, see movie related conversation topics, and get real-time Tips.
  3. Click “E-mail” & share your movie grid with friends.


New Movies (Click for Current Tips) šŸ™‚ Tips šŸ˜¦ Tips Conversation Buzz Topics
The Social Network 41% 6% social network, movie, facebook, film, story, ticket, life, wonder, seeing, tomatoes, album, world, walls
“Let Me In” 44% 8% movie, social network, film, horror, never let me go, theatre, scene, man, kid, actor, star, guy
“The Town” 37% 9% town, movie, social network, girl, work, painting, mall, seeing, car, hotel, eat
Freakonomics 29% 2% movie, film, book, social network, documentary, author, man, fan, talk
Ip Man OR Yip Man 20% 8% man, movie, film, legend, social network, hahaha, sama, hahahaha
Barry Munday 19% 60% movie, bar, greedy, wilson, film, hilarious, performance, man, info, director, ball, talk, role, atlantis
Anjaana Anjaani 44% 14% movie, film, song, star, stars, theatre, luv, story, bollywood, ticket, hair, c, work, india, p
    Gregomyleggo_TwitterPhoto Below are some of the social media Tips “I liked” & saved in “My TipTop” while checking out what people were “going to see” this weekend.


    Again, from My TipTop @TwitTipTop can send you or your friends an E-mail like this:
    “Hello, these are the snippets you have saved in My TipTop.”
    Image Twitter Id Topic Snippet
    _socialmedianow The Social Network The 10 most Glaring Lies in ‘The Social Network‘ : #thesocialnetwork
    bloodboyhorror “Let Me In” Horror-drama ‘Let Me In’ does its Swedish inspiration original justice: When Overture Films announced it would mak…
    mting Ip Man OR Yip Man Loving the Ip Man 2 soundtrack. More variations than the previous film. A recommendation if u love Oriental film scores #ipman2 #soundtrack
    workingauthor Barry Munday Barry Munday‘ starring Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer, Cybill Shepherd, Malcolm McDowell and more reviewed!
    trabajareuropa Freakonomics @MakingOf: Freakonmics is now in theaters! Hear @MorganSpurlock discuss the film and more @MakingOfĆ¢ā‚¬Ā
    nikkyraney “The Town” My movie review for THE TOWN —> Blake Lively owns ‘The Town’ By Nikky Raney –
    kapylr Anjaana Anjaani Enjoyed watching Anjaana Anjaani. Great performances by @priyankachopra and @ranbir_kapoor

    Remember to come back to TipTop to guide your film viewing & DVD movie rental decisions or help whenever you are looking for insights around any topic — locally or globally. Enjoy!

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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