TipTop Costume Ideas For Halloween Parties & Trick Or Treat: Make, Share & Shop

08 Oct

TipTop costume search People are getting excited for Halloween this year, sharing costume ideas and trick or treat tips across the Web. Like last year’s 2009 Halloween Costume Special, TipTop’s semantic search engine has captured thousands of Halloween costume ideas being shared on social networks for 2010. People have been texting opinions, sharing ideas & making decisions about all things related to dressing up, celebrating Hallows’ Eve and trick or treating this Fall. In 2009, TipTop analysis showed that costumes like Balloon Boy, Shanaynay & Max were all the rage. For 2010, Pirate, Zombie & Lady Gaga all return to the Top costume lists along with some new & some predictable Halloween outfits. There are still many yet to be decided Girl or Man get-ups.

Below are some of the Top costumes for this week featured on TipTop’s 2010 Halloween Costume Special. Use sentiment scores (mouse over the pie charts) to see what people like or dislike about a particular costume, see related costume buzz to get specific related concepts, and take advantage of the online shopping search to get that perfect party outfit. Below is a taste of the kinds of results you will get through using TipTop.

Top Costume Ideas Positive Sentement Negative Sentiment Social Media Buzz
Pauly D 25% 5% shore, jersey, hair, costume
Lady Gaga 15% 7% youtube, guy, video, alien, makeup
Zombie 33% 4% tattoo, event, fear, haunt,friends, adult
Ghost 26% 13% candy, stories, earring, tours, party
Pirate 32% 3% princess, girl, child, adult, boy, toddler
Alice in Wonderland 35% 17% queen, girl, heart, party, guy, rabbit
Girl 33% 13% baby girl, princess, adult, guy, costumes, daughter, boyfriend
Man 32% 11% house, party, iron, girl, colonial,  avatar
Orange 35% 15% black, pumpkin, earring, glass, jello,  house, lights, hat, shirt
Snooki 32% 7% shore, jersey, girl, hair, star,costumes, clothing, makeup
Belle 26% 13% princess, beauty, kid, party, disney, book, hall, daughter, park, baby
Facebook 37% 5% party, event, fan, skin, pumpkin, hat, image, friends, sleepy hollow

This week some Halloween costumes buzzing around social media that might be of interest for you to make, suggest to a friend, or buy online include:

  • Top people costumes being mulled around include: Girl, Man, Slut, Princess, Rapper, Pirate, Couple, Guy, Myself …see more on TipTop’s Halloween Special
  • Top thingamajig costume ideas getting worked out: Pumpkin, Orange, Facebook, Book, Haunted house, Cupcake … see more on TipTop’s Halloween Special







Make sure you visit TipTop’s 2010 Halloween Costume Special frequently to see what new costume ideas are buzzing around the social stratosphere & how people feel about them (see the sentiment pie charts). This will also help you to make fun costume suggestions to your friends & family. You can also search for what people are planning to wear at a location near you by selecting “Pick Location” option from when searching. For example, see the costume-related “Viewpoints from Philadelphia” below.

How are the Top 10 Costume Lists and Costume Clouds generated?

TipTop’s advanced semantic engine understands each and every tweet just like a human being would. As a result, it can discover from within the tweets exactly who is planning to wear what costume this Halloween. Once collected and aggregated across individual tweets, this knowledge is presented organized in several different ways in TipTop’s 2010 Halloween Costume Special page. We classify the costumes into a number of natural categories and show the top costumes within each category based on their overall popularity. The sentiment attached to each costume is computed by estimating the sentiment expressed in each of the corresponding Halloween costume snippets.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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