TipTop Captures Greater Manchester 999 Call Tweets by Topic & Trend

14 Oct

Using TipTop’s search engine it is easy to get all the Greater Manchester Police tweets on one results page at Seeing all the GM police 999 call tweets in one place you can then filter the calls by topic, see sentiment trends over time & easily comment on both interesting and moronic calls via twitter.

Unfortunately the Greater Manchester police have to actually respond to the calls.

TipTop Searches Positive Calls Negative Calls Topics Extracted from Tweets
Greater Manchester OR GM police 29% 12% manchester, twitter, tween, calls, tweets, incident, incidents, people, united kingdom, tweet, emergency
from:gmp24_1 OR from:gmp24_2 OR from:gmp24_3
6% 21% man, police, salford, youth, bolton, vehicle, car, office, wigan, request, men, oldham
from:gmp24_1 (Twitter ID)
2% 16% man, car, police, manchester, request, salford, wigan, home, drug
from:gmp24_2 (Twitter ID)
2% 17% man, police, bolton, vehicle, manchester, woman, salford, bury, oldham
from:gmp24_3 (Twitter ID)
6% 24% man, bolton, wigan, vehicle, car, child, youth, rochdale, oldham, salford, men, office

To see how the tweeting public feels about the Greater Manchester police’s PR stunt or potentially sardonic 999 calls you can try a search on TipTop, like “Greater Manchester OR GM police“, “gmp” or “999 calls“.
See why people feel 29%:) and 8%:( about “Greater Manchester OR GM police” in TipTop See why people feel 43%:) and 10%:( about “#gmp” in TipTop
See why people feel 32%:) and 21%:( about “999 calls” in TipTop

Enjoy, and keep coming back to for the 411 on the 999:)

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