November 2010 Election Countdown: Daily Trends, Candidate Tips & the Straw Poll

29 Oct

TipTop’s 2010 Midterm Election Special gives voters a quick interactive snapshot of daily election topics and allows folks to delve into the campaign issues & policy debates going on in social media that are important to them. For fun, voters can also take a straw poll to see which political parties & candidates they swing towards for this November’s Gubernatorial, Senate & House elections.

Democratic & Republican, Tea Party & Independent voters’ top issues this election vary and how these differences will play out on Tuesday, November 2 will most likely depend on the weather. But seriously, peoples’ opinions about the direction of the US economy, healthcare,
government spending, immigration, or energy & the environmnent will all influence voter enthusiasm for the 2010 elections. The only place you can really see what is going inside voters’ heads (and your own:) is through TipTop’s 2010 Midterm Election Special. TipTop extracts the top campaign issues, about what people are really talking about, which will allow you to hear over the noisy extremists, call out the political centrists, and listen too the sideliners.

Once you are finished perusing the pundits & sharing your opinions on TipTop, don’t forget to go to the “Vote Prediction” page to see how you swing & get the latest overall results for TipTop’s Midterm Election Straw Poll. Below are some of key races for this years elections with today’s snapshot of TipTop sentiment scores & social media buzz topics. Click a candidate’s names to go to TipTop results page.


jerry brown







Social Media Trending Topics 

california, ca, poll, campaign, box, women, office

meg whitman 30% 12% california, republican, porto, campaign, housekeeper, glendale, ebay
Rodney Glassman 27% 2%
John McCain 16% 22%
Terry Goddard 15% 7% terror, arizona, home, democrat, office, endorsement, investment fraud indictment
Jan Brewer 20% 22% arizona, phoenix, obama, prison, law, man, story
Barbara Boxer 16% 16% box, poll, california, democrat, senate, sacramento, republican
Carly Fiorina 21% 9% california, box, senate, campaign, news, candidate, hospital
Harry Reid 16% 20% senate, nevada, leader, election, poll, party, democrat
Sharron Angle 25% 29% nevada, ad, party, tea, senator, senate, candidate
Kendrick Meek 18% 18% senate, florida, democrat, candidate, demo, rep, bill clinton
Marco Rubio 23% 15% rubio, florida, senate, party, tea, candidate, republican
Charlie Crist 16% 20% senate, florida, clinton, politics, demo, bill clinton, rubio
Democrat 35% 29% candidate senate party tea republican bill clinton
Tea Party 25% 23% candidate video halloween party senate republican
Andrew Cuomo 28% 9% new york city, new york, car, democrat, candidate, campaign, muscle
Carl Paladino 18% 15% candidate, campaign, new york city, republican, home, girl, new york

Remember Midterm Election trending topics update daily so please return to TipTop’s 2010 Election Special for a daily update until November 2nd. Don’t forget to find your polling place and vote.

Have a Happy Halloween & embrace the voting booth!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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