Does Social Media Make You Dizzy? Let the TipTop Reader for SD2 Break It Down

21 Apr

The TipTop Reader plugin for the Seesmic Desktop 2 client is a great way to meaningfully & efficiently break down information flowing through your social networks & news feeds topic by sentiment-fused topic. I had Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google Reader accounts, but after a while I just ignored them due to lack of time, feeling inundated with information, and seemingly useless updates from friends, followers & feeds. After I downloaded the TipTop Reader SD2 plugin from Seesmic Marketplace I was amazed how social media feeds & my friend’s updates were opened up to me in a constructive engaging way. Rather than being overwhelming with others’ publishing agendas, I could delve into the topics I wanted and see all related content in one place in the TipTop sentiment cloud. All of a sudden I could check out Facebook updates that I was actually interested in, Tweets about topics I cared about & articles from Google Reader that I was intrigued to read.

The TipTop Reader plugin for SD2 was built using TipTop’s semantic technology. The full social search experience on TipTop can be found by going to or using your smart-phone and visiting

Have a tip top week!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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