President Obama Approval Trends: Post bin Laden, Middle East Speech & Netanyahu

20 May

TipTop has been tracking ‘Obama‘ tweets from around the world for over 18 months and we’ve been watching the people’s mood turn steadily against the President for a couple weeks now after his ratings jumped above a satisfaction level of 50 on May 2nd.  The Gallup Daily Obama Job Approval poll also shows that President Obama’s post-bin-Laden bounce in popularity has run its course as mentioned in this National Journal article. Comparing the charts below, you can see how the Gallup Daily telephone poll follows TipTop’s sentiment trend analysis of President Obama tips found in social media.

Using TipTop’s social search, you can also get a snapshot of public sentiment and the related topics that are buzzing around news events, celebrity figures or popular trends. I was interested in the public reaction around the world to President Obama’s Middle East Speech. Below are pre and post-speech TipTop tweets around the trending twitter hashtag topics #MEspeech and #Obama which show both the buzz topics and the overall negative sentiment around the President and his speech.

On TipTop search you can share more than tips. For example, you can share sentiment trends & current topics around events like the Obama-Netanyahu meeting.

Whatever your interest — Gaddafi or Strauss-Kahn, Japan or Israel, Zombie Apocalypse or  #iftheworldendsonsaturday — get the best tips at or, your window to the world.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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