Wishing you a TipTop Thanksgiving

20 Nov
Wishing you a TipTop Thanksgiving

Turkey season is here and we are thankful to all the wonderful people who are discussing and sharing all manner of Thanksgiving plans and recipes on the web. TipTop’s Thanksgiving Special for 2011 has mined thousands of these conversations and brings them to you in our cool new interface.

Neatly arranged on the left you will find Top food and recipe ideas, Top travel plans and destinations and Top activities.

What makes these Top items is simply that they have been favorite talking points for people in the last couple of weeks in their online Thanksgiving conversations.

When you click on any Top item in a tab on the left, the spaces on the right fill up with fresh Thanksgiving insights on that topic, nicely organized and tabulated to fulfill any objective you may have — from watching videos and viewing pictures, to getting a quick summary, to leisurely browsing among good or avoidable ideas.

Every day is full of surprises, and TipTop’s new interface (borrowed from our main site) makes tip-browsing and discovery a pleasure. Would you have guessed that so many people have Ramen noodles plans this Thanksgiving?

You can share any Tip or Top you like on Twitter or by email, and if there is something on your mind that’s missing from our Top lists, well, you can just type it into the Input tab and see the buzz on it right away. Who knows, your query may soon graduate to a Top item!

If you are short on ideas this Thanksgiving, or just want to feel the bonhomie out there, visit TipTop and be thankful for how much and freely others share with us.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families from all of us at TipTop!

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