The Battle of Colleges – Who Wins?

23 Jul

Numerous recently graduated high school seniors around the world have just finished the first leg in their academic journey and are now getting ready to begin the next: College. I’m sure many remember their last year in high school in, what I would deem, two distinct parts. There was the beginning of the year, the hard-working, I need to do my best this semester to get the best grades I’ve ever gotten to get into a good school, part of the year and then the latter, okay, I’m into college, let senioritis take over, part of the year. Let’s all try to forget the second part…and focus on the first part: the college search and application process. How do you decide where to apply? Do you follow the rankings? Which rankings do you follow? What do I even want to study? Is such and such a good school? These questions, among others, I can certainly say have invaded the minds of numerous college bound high school seniors and to be quite frank, there are no easy answers. There is so much to consider nowadays in your college search other that just academic reputation. To name a few that factored into mine: academics, reputation, sports, the weather, social life, clubs, the weather, job opportunities, location, professors, type of students, oh, and the weather. It’s often difficult to find out all the information you need to know about a college without spending countless hours driving to and from places, looking up different reviews online or scouring each college’s website. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is crucial to visit and research an institution to really know if it’s right for you. However, it is good to have some sort of central point to begin your search. TipTop is working on just that with its new application, Student T.

In the up and coming Student T application, TipTop will provide you with an in-depth analysis of any popular institution based on numerous online pieces of data including reviews, college websites and other such information. It can provide you with a categorical comparison of as many institutions as you would like as well as admission statistics and your specific chance of acceptance at these institutions based on previous admission history. Please take at a look below at our interface so far!

Battle of Colleges Widget UPDATE - Screenshot

Here we have TipTop’s new Battle of Colleges Widget. This application has the ability to take data on multiple colleges and then create categories on which to compare these colleges. This interface is very similar to TipTop’s previously launched TV Widget (Check it out here!) Just like the TV Widget, on the left, you will find each College or University being compared. Under “Select a college/university,” you are able to pick a college or university that you would like to learn more about. As soon as you start entering a specific school, the matching colleges or universities will appear right there in a dropdown list. You will find each category that TipTop has created on the top of the page and below them, the scores TipTop has given to the specific college or university. Scores that are above 0.5 indicate more positive reviews than negative for the school in a specific category, while those below 0.5 indicate more negative reviews than positive. A score equal to 0.5 shows that the number of positive and negative reviews were about equal for that category.

Like the TV Widget, there are scroll bars on the top and bottom and left and right of the page that allow you to compare multiple schools at once as well as view all of their scores easily. In the above demo, the category, “education” is highlighted as the main comparative feature and this can be done by selecting “education” from the “to compare by” drop down menu on the top left.

By clicking on one of scores, TipTop provides you with links and previews of different websites that discuss the college referencing that specific category. Just click on the small square box to the left of the description, and TipTop will redirect you to the site.

Student T is still in progress, but we at TipTop are working to bring you this one-of-a-kind application soon to help all those rising high school seniors out! Check back for more updates soon!

Rahul Raj, Marketing Intern at TipTop Technologies

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