My TipTop Summer!

04 Sep

This summer I had the pleasure of serving as a marketing intern for TipTop Technologies. As part of my job, I had the opportunity to work with TipTop Founder and CEO, Shyam Kapur, on upcoming applications, thinking of new applications, teaching others about how TipTop works and its functionality, and finally, getting the chance to present TipTop’s wonderful capabilities to a highly reputable university! I certainly learned a lot about not only marketing, but also the business of a startup and really what it takes to be successful and competitive in such a hot sector as data analysis.

Yesterday, I asked Shyam if he could give me some more history behind TipTop and how exactly it became what it is today. After hearing the story, I can honestly say that I am very impressed and fascinated by how much had to be done in order to make TipTop what it is! TipTop started from Shyam’s research on natural language learning going back almost 30 years. This shows how much effort and thinking was put into the technology even before the first demo was built!

With TipTop, Shyam has sought to emulate in technology how babies learn language. Think about it, did anyone teach you how to speak when you were young? No, you just picked up a language based on whatever you kept on hearing. Likewise, TipTop learns to interpret any data in exactly this way, through exposure and is able to learn more and more just by analyzing different sources of data! Using this underlying idea, TipTop can now provide frequency, categorization and even sentiment analysis, as shown on our website as well as in our TV and Battle of Colleges Widget. (Check these services out by clicking on these links!)

Although the technology is quite remarkable, I was also very impressed by the business side of TipTop. As a marketing intern, it was my job to spread the word about TipTop through social media, word of mouth, presentations and any other possible means. However, the amount of marketing that occurred even before I joined TipTop was truly enormous and has helped get TipTop to where it is today. From finding investors and business partners, making presentations and, finally, convincing others that TipTop was truly beneficial required so much effort and dedication. Learning about TipTop’s past, present, and future plans has shown me what is necessary when running a business. As Shyam has told me, one has to be ready for setback after setback. Knowing this, I am now more aware and knowledgeable if I ever choose to start my own company sometime in the future!

I truly had a wonderful time working with TipTop and would like to thank everyone, especially Shyam, for making my time so worthwhile. For now, I will be heading back to UCLA to continue my studies but am certainly looking forward to potentially continuing work with TipTop during the school year as well as next summer!

Please continue to follow TipTop, as I will be, for more magical applications are coming out soon!

Rahul Raj, Marketing Intern at TipTop Technologies


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