Drink T

11 Jun

Do you ever search the Internet?

Do you ever read a book?

Do you ever think deep and hard about anything at all?

Do you ever dream?

Are you ever curious about anything at all from the past, in the present or of the future?

Do you ever go out to restaurants to enjoy the food & drinks they serve?

Do you ever troubleshoot a problem related to your work, your home, or your life broadly?

Do you ever travel for business or for pleasure?

Do you ever listen to the radio or watch television?

Do you ever care for anyone or anything other than yourself?

Do you ever attend public events or visit art exhibitions?

Do you ever read a web page or a document in its entirety?

Do you ever wish to be of assistance to anyone?

Do you ever try to find out what is happening where you are or anywhere else in our world?

Do you ever shop, offline or online, for your work or for any of your personal needs?

Do you ever browse the web? (You must have browsed at least once in your life since you found us!)

If your answer to even one of the above questions is yes, you must drink T from now to eternity. Sign up for T or try T out at Go there this very moment.

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