Why I Drink T – Part 1/infinity

18 Jun

In the time it took anyone to read and comprehend

I got the essence of 10 articles of equal length in T. How come? I reviewed just the following summary of the above article generated in T:

Another senior official said Rajan’s criticism of rising intolerance in India was seen as direct interference in politics, complicating a decision on whether to re-appoint him.

Rajan, who is on leave from the University of Chicago, had faced strident criticism from right-wing members of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, including parliament member Subramanian Swamy, who has waged a campaign against his economic policies.

“The government appreciates the good work done by him and respects his decision.

Still, Rajan was known to have a good working relationship with Modi, who called the RBI governor a “good teacher” on economic matters, and officials had previously told Reuters that Modi’s administration would re-appoint the governor, should he wish to stay on.

Rajan, a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, is held in high esteem by policymakers and investors at home and abroad for overhauling the way the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) operates.

Likewise, in the time it took anyone to grasp

I got the gist of 7 articles of equal length in T because I heard only what T told me as recorded below:

We must change the way people work.

Akie believes that social media has helped change her life for the better, allowing her to connect more closely with people from all walks of life through the internet.

She clearly stands out from the typical staid outlook of the country’s first lady, with many of her predecessors merely supporting their husbands at home and keeping out of the public eye.

The first lady also has a strong interest in agriculture and even owns a block of rice paddies in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

She continued to adopt this approach after Shinzo became prime minister for the first time in 2006, keeping silent so that she wouldn’t face public criticism that could hurt her husband’s popularity.

In T, several different types of summaries get generated for any content, such as the above news articles, that T processes. The 5-(T)hought summaries shown above are just one of millions of different possible summaries that can be generated easily in T for the same input content. Perhaps you now understand better why all T Drinkers I know drink T all day long & all night long.

Who then do you think is smarter, a T Drinker or a non-T Drinker? Share your answer with the whole world.

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