Some assumptions that underlie T

10 Jul

A technical description of the construction of T would provide a good overview of the underlying assumptions. Such a description we will offer to our readers another time. For now, mull about some of the core assumptions spelled out in a non-technical way below:

  • Other than the nature of humans and of life, there is no existing paradigm for businesses and other organizations, technology, products, etc. that is necessarily right and thus should be aped.
  • There almost never are any right or wrong answers for anything humans do, both at work and in the rest of their lives. Consequently, we must always question everything and take nothing to be truly sacrosanct.
  • Given the current state of humanity, the most successful model for businesses & other organizations, technology and products is one that is largely utilitarian. As a creator of products and solutions, our focus should be on enhancing two dimensions relevant to humans – their productivity and their joy. Nothing else will attract a vast majority of humans.
  • Last but not the least, we believe that a richer food of Thoughts is the richest food for thought.

Do these assumptions resonate well with you? If so, go to T now at to see the sort of magic that is created directly as a result of living life for nearly two scores of years without budging one bit from assumptions such as those listed above.

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