One T; myriad uses

05 Aug

T Drinkers from the world over use T at for a variety of purposes such as

  • Document and web page summarization
  • Search and discovery within any corpus of data including news archives and the entire web
  • Unbiased product, services, market and competitive research
  • Personalized education and entertainment delivered 24/7
  • Solving all sorts of problems efficiently
  • Intelligent sharing and re-use of useful knowledge with all others
  • Intelligent profiling of people and organizations

These T Drinkers have read up/viewed a variety of material to get comfortable using T for the use cases that are relevant for them:

Go to now and never again go anywhere else.

Still here? Our “A Tease” feature on the sign-up page shows how T Drinkers are using T. You can take a peek into the minds of all these folks even before you sign up or sign in to T.

Still here? What are you waiting for before you adopt T? Another blue moon? There are scores of features in T relevant to you. You will discover these other use cases and associated features over time once you make T your 24/7 companion. To benefit other T Drinkers, you are requested to write about some of the use cases and features you value most. We will gladly highlight your write-up in T and also give you credit. We also welcome guest blog posts.

Still here? While you appear to be content being just a human, all the T Drinkers at are rapidly becoming super-human. Perhaps nothing more needs to be written or read about T once every human knows this undeniable fact!

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