A T Drinker’s TOPX

25 Oct

Since T aspires to be the one & only collective universal mind, it is keen to get to know you, whether you are a current or a future T Drinker, better. Who we are is perhaps best reflected in snapshots of what thoughTs arise in our head, what is on our mind over some period of time.

Would you kindly share one snapshot of your thoughTs with T by mailing them to it at ? Your snapshot should consist of Ten distinct thoughTs which could be names of people, places or things that you care about, questions that often or sometimes arise in your mind, etc.

In return, T will generate separate T’s with Thoughts corresponding to all/some of your thoughTs. It will also create one Tease each for each of the T’s and string these together as a TOPX playlist on YouTube. A link to your TOPX will be sent to your e-mail address.

We expect you to share your TOPX widely via e-mail (include it in your signature) and through social media. We may also highlight your TOPX in our YouTube channel at

You are welcome to send your thoughT snapshots from time to time so that we can generate an up-to-date TOPX for you to view and share. You can also let other folks know that they, too, can send their thoughT snapshots to us if they would like to have their TOPX created.

It is a lot of fun to view other’s TOPX. We share below one ordinary T Drinker’s TOPX. Once your TOPX is ready, you can judge for yourself how yours compares to this T Drinker’s TOPX.

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