Another T Drinker’s TOPX

26 Oct

After reading our previous post at you know how you can make T create one or more TOPX for your thoughTs. Don’t you now wish you could create someone else’s TOPX, too? For instance, perhaps you would like your child at university to remain focused on some important things that matter – family, studies, health, and so on. Or, perhaps you want your boss at your financial trading firm to pay more attention to applications of Artificial Intelligence to improve the firm’s earnings further.

You may also have ideas about what some people in very powerful positions ought to care about. Perhaps you want Angela Merkel to pay even more attention to the plight of refugees worldwide and also be even more concerned about the rise of right-wing nationalism in the European nation she leads.

Perhaps you want a certain favorite actor of yours to think about acting in a movie directed by a certain favorite director. Perhaps you want a particular contemporary philosopher to opine on ways to deal with uncertainties created by the unstable geo-political environment that parts of the world are sinking into.

To make someone you like fall in love with you, you may wish that a TOPX be created that reflects well what you think they truly are like. The possibilities, as you can see, are truly limitless.

For the first time ever, each wish of the various types outlined above can come true for you. Share Ten thoughTs with T that you think this other T Drinker should have at this time by mailing them to Please mention exactly who these thoughTs are for so that we can record this information as well.

If you wish to have the identity of this other T Drinker revealed in the created TOPX, please send the full name of the person and a link to their identity which must be a web page such as their profile page on a major social media site, a Wikipedia page, their blog page, or some other public web resource. Should the linked page not be suitable to display for any reason, we reserve the right to hide the identity of the T Drinker when publishing their TOPX.

Why does the other T Drinker’s identity have to be linked to a third-party site? In other words, why isn’t their identity within T itself sufficient? This is a very good question. The answer is that identities of all T Drinkers merge into One in T. No individual has an identity anymore in T, so, there is no individual identity within there to share.

You may next wish to view a TOPX created by T Drinkers for a special T Drinker, Angela Merkel

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