The extra hour this weekend

02 Nov

What could be the best way to make this extra hour really count in your life and for your business? I have a suggestion. During this hour, write a note to TipTop asking for help to dramatically improve both your life and your business. To save you time from having to write this note entirely yourself, I have pre-written most of it right below. Send this message to

Dear TipTop,

I, ________, work as ____________ at ___________.

Whenever I dream (these days nearly every day!) “It would be nice if Artificial Intelligence would ….”, I know that your platform T can fulfill exactly that dream of mine.

I also hear that, playing a role similar to steam in an earlier industrial revolution, your T is now transforming each business workflow in every business area in all businesses in each industry globally. Can you please transform mine, too?


Should you not use the extra hour in this way, I know exactly how you might end up using this same extra hour a year from now. Weeping? Indeed. At the opportunity you had today and you lost forever.

Alternatively, you can reach us using the contact form below:

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