About TipTop Technologies

Our Vision

TipTop is creating a platform of Tips and Tops surrounding all our experiences — a wikipedia of expressions. Our products will open up the social silos of our individual and collective experience. TipTop is harnessing those expressions of experience to help us all make more informed decisions and have choice experiences to share with others. TipTop’s technology and products are today’s solutions for enabling incremental learning and unleashing the power of unique individual and aggregate group experience into the future.

Our Mission

Helping people in their personal and professional lives to make informed decisions, have choice experiences, and create greater efficiencies through streamlined interactions.

The Problem

There is an increasing amount of structured and unstructured data related to everyone’s offline and online experiences flowing through digital communication channels. Yet, when you want to accomplish common tasks, manage your personal data, compile seemingly disparate pieces of information, or connect with people across social networks it can not be done without extreme effort or advanced technical knowhow on your part. Advancements in Internet technology have effectively increased the amount and availability of data, however until now there has not been an effective solution to making this data actionable for you. TipTop is developing smart ways to contextually deliver, confidentially share, and intelligently act upon this data for you and your social networks.

Our Solution

Your “Top” is another person’s “Tip”. TipTop applies computational analysis to all life experiences ranking this information into top Tips (positive, “to do” expressions), top Pits (negative, “don’t do” expressions), and those less so. TipTop analyzes real-time knowledge (opinion, sentiment, and experiences), sorts this information across pre-determined or user-created attributes, uses semantic filtering functions, incorporates complex relevancy and ranking algorithms, enables filtering by related concepts, and discovery of information through related categories. TipTop makes it easy for you to:

  • Find information relevant to you through search and discovery.
  • Have fun discovering, learning, and acting while being effective at the same time.
  • Make informed decisions based upon others experiences and insights.
  • Optimize your and others’ life experiences armed with actionable knowledge, contextualized and personalized for you.
  • Share what is on the top of your mind and tips you have learned along the way.
  • Help others improve their life experiences.
  • Collect, save, share and add to data useful to your and others’ lives.
  • Get the latest news and most relevant content immediately.
  • Learn what people think about topics now and over time.
  • Get a variety of answers to your questions and fine tune the results based upon your situation.
  • Discover how you, your followers, events, organizations, brands, and products or services are expressed and discussed across an infinite number of criteria.
  • Influence and share your world the way you want to.

TipTop’s solution involves proprietary techniques for the collection and aggregation of all data related to life experiences. We have developed several unique algorithms that work very well on a vast variety of data. Exposure of the resulting knowledge is enabled through a number of powerful and engaging user interfaces.


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