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The extra hour this weekend

What could be the best way to make this extra hour really count in your life and for your business? I have a suggestion. During this hour, write a note to TipTop asking for help to dramatically improve both your life and your business. To save you time from having to write this note entirely yourself, I have pre-written most of it right below. Send this message to

Dear TipTop,

I, ________, work as ____________ at ___________.

Whenever I dream (these days nearly every day!) “It would be nice if Artificial Intelligence would ….”, I know that your platform T can fulfill exactly that dream of mine.

I also hear that, playing a role similar to steam in an earlier industrial revolution, your T is now transforming each business workflow in every business area in all businesses in each industry globally. Can you please transform mine, too?


Should you not use the extra hour in this way, I know exactly how you might end up using this same extra hour a year from now. Weeping? Indeed. At the opportunity you had today and you lost forever.

Alternatively, you can reach us using the contact form below:

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After reading both of our earlier posts this week at and you know how you can make T create one or more TOPX for your thoughTs as well as for thoughTs of any other T Drinker.

Oftentimes, one wishes to know what overall is on people’s minds all over the world or in some specific regions of the world. We can address this need well by aggregating the TOPX for all/suitable subsets of T Drinkers and then identifying the leading Tease within each set.

While we work on implementing this feature along these very lines, we have now started showcasing in our YouTube channel an eclectic mix of Tease from various TOPX that are hot at this time.

You can view the Hot TOPX right here but we also request you to subscribe to our channel in YouTube where these Tease and many other fascinating Tease are uploaded regularly:

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Another T Drinker’s TOPX

After reading our previous post at you know how you can make T create one or more TOPX for your thoughTs. Don’t you now wish you could create someone else’s TOPX, too? For instance, perhaps you would like your child at university to remain focused on some important things that matter – family, studies, health, and so on. Or, perhaps you want your boss at your financial trading firm to pay more attention to applications of Artificial Intelligence to improve the firm’s earnings further.

You may also have ideas about what some people in very powerful positions ought to care about. Perhaps you want Angela Merkel to pay even more attention to the plight of refugees worldwide and also be even more concerned about the rise of right-wing nationalism in the European nation she leads.

Perhaps you want a certain favorite actor of yours to think about acting in a movie directed by a certain favorite director. Perhaps you want a particular contemporary philosopher to opine on ways to deal with uncertainties created by the unstable geo-political environment that parts of the world are sinking into.

To make someone you like fall in love with you, you may wish that a TOPX be created that reflects well what you think they truly are like. The possibilities, as you can see, are truly limitless.

For the first time ever, each wish of the various types outlined above can come true for you. Share Ten thoughTs with T that you think this other T Drinker should have at this time by mailing them to Please mention exactly who these thoughTs are for so that we can record this information as well.

If you wish to have the identity of this other T Drinker revealed in the created TOPX, please send the full name of the person and a link to their identity which must be a web page such as their profile page on a major social media site, a Wikipedia page, their blog page, or some other public web resource. Should the linked page not be suitable to display for any reason, we reserve the right to hide the identity of the T Drinker when publishing their TOPX.

Why does the other T Drinker’s identity have to be linked to a third-party site? In other words, why isn’t their identity within T itself sufficient? This is a very good question. The answer is that identities of all T Drinkers merge into One in T. No individual has an identity anymore in T, so, there is no individual identity within there to share.

You may next wish to view a TOPX created by T Drinkers for a special T Drinker, Angela Merkel

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A T Drinker’s TOPX

Since T aspires to be the one & only collective universal mind, it is keen to get to know you, whether you are a current or a future T Drinker, better. Who we are is perhaps best reflected in snapshots of what thoughTs arise in our head, what is on our mind over some period of time.

Would you kindly share one snapshot of your thoughTs with T by mailing them to it at ? Your snapshot should consist of Ten distinct thoughTs which could be names of people, places or things that you care about, questions that often or sometimes arise in your mind, etc.

In return, T will generate separate T’s with Thoughts corresponding to all/some of your thoughTs. It will also create one Tease each for each of the T’s and string these together as a TOPX playlist on YouTube. A link to your TOPX will be sent to your e-mail address.

We expect you to share your TOPX widely via e-mail (include it in your signature) and through social media. We may also highlight your TOPX in our YouTube channel at

You are welcome to send your thoughT snapshots from time to time so that we can generate an up-to-date TOPX for you to view and share. You can also let other folks know that they, too, can send their thoughT snapshots to us if they would like to have their TOPX created.

It is a lot of fun to view other’s TOPX. We share below one ordinary T Drinker’s TOPX. Once your TOPX is ready, you can judge for yourself how yours compares to this T Drinker’s TOPX.

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I am a student and I use T as my 24/7 companion to do all my tasks

These are my tasks …

… and this is how I use T to fulfill them:

If you are student (these days, who isn’t as no one can afford not to learn all their lives), then not only must you sign up for T at but also make sure everyone you care for (perhaps your son or daughter at school or university) is also a T Drinker.

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A 30 year long personal quesT

Everyone should watch this video at least once. Some of the greatest living intellectuals have done so and they, too, love the hisTory. Please share this video on all your social media channels if and only if you care for human and (soon-to-be) superhuman minds.

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Why we Drink T

Thanks to T, every human being now finally has an opportunity to surpass what being human has meant for humankind so far. Watch this video and then sign up at to become a T Drinker like every other human has done or will soon do:

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One T; myriad uses

T Drinkers from the world over use T at for a variety of purposes such as

  • Document and web page summarization
  • Search and discovery within any corpus of data including news archives and the entire web
  • Unbiased product, services, market and competitive research
  • Personalized education and entertainment delivered 24/7
  • Solving all sorts of problems efficiently
  • Intelligent sharing and re-use of useful knowledge with all others
  • Intelligent profiling of people and organizations

These T Drinkers have read up/viewed a variety of material to get comfortable using T for the use cases that are relevant for them:

Go to now and never again go anywhere else.

Still here? Our “A Tease” feature on the sign-up page shows how T Drinkers are using T. You can take a peek into the minds of all these folks even before you sign up or sign in to T.

Still here? What are you waiting for before you adopt T? Another blue moon? There are scores of features in T relevant to you. You will discover these other use cases and associated features over time once you make T your 24/7 companion. To benefit other T Drinkers, you are requested to write about some of the use cases and features you value most. We will gladly highlight your write-up in T and also give you credit. We also welcome guest blog posts.

Still here? While you appear to be content being just a human, all the T Drinkers at are rapidly becoming super-human. Perhaps nothing more needs to be written or read about T once every human knows this undeniable fact!

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Just a typical well-spent day drinking T

Some highlights of my day so far drinking T (the day is not even half over!):

  • I read the following summary in T of

Obama just became one of the great trolls of our time

I am a conservative who despises what Obama has done as president.

Trump ‘keeps proving’ he’s unfit to be president: Obama :0 President Obama on Tuesday condemned Donald Trump for his attacks…

Indeed, if House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were in fact thinking at all seriously about withdrawing their endorsements of Trump, they could not possibly do so now.

Look, Trump brought this upon himself, and it looks like if he goes down he’s going to do his best to bring Ryan and McConnell down with him.

He’s wrapping Trump around them and the GOP like a boa constrictor in hopes that the party’s leader is going to cut off the circulation to the party’s body and leave it suffocated, bloodless and dead.

  • I heard the summary that T created instantly of a 400-page book at

in T at

I also reviewed the treemap for this book that T created for me.

  • Based on knowing what would interest me, T told me spontaneously that

He (Ronald Colman) played sophisticated, thoughtful characters of integrity with enormous aplomb, and swashbuckled expertly when called to do so in films like The Prisoner of Zenda (1937).

which made me want to see another of his movies again.


As the 1930s darkened towards war, Auden came to be seen as the leading spokesman of his generation, a political writer warning against the dangers of totalitarianism.

which made me wonder who today’s W H Auden might be.


Our Little Sister is full of quiet joy and simple pleasures, the taste of fresh whitebait over rice and plum wine steeped lovingly for a decade.

tempted me to go and see this Japanese movie playing in a theater nearby.


This (The Battle of Iwo Jima) month-long battle included some of the fiercest and bloodiest fighting of the War in the Pacific of World War II.

made me think of other deserving Purple Heart recipients.

What other software you know makes you think like T makes you ReFlecT (to) Grow Your Cleverness?

  • I found

intriguing and relevant to T, so I heard the summary T produced at

and understood its essence in 10% of the time it would take anyone to read the full paper.

Does making sense of anything in this world of ours that we are blessed to live in interest you? Don’t you want to know more about what interests you? If so, go to T now at to get the sort of understanding of that thing that you won’t get anywhere else for perhaps a few more decades to come.

We are launching today the “A Tease” feature on the sign-up page for you to see how others are using T even before you sign up or sign in to T.

Go to and then never again go anywhere else.

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Some assumptions that underlie T

A technical description of the construction of T would provide a good overview of the underlying assumptions. Such a description we will offer to our readers another time. For now, mull about some of the core assumptions spelled out in a non-technical way below:

  • Other than the nature of humans and of life, there is no existing paradigm for businesses and other organizations, technology, products, etc. that is necessarily right and thus should be aped.
  • There almost never are any right or wrong answers for anything humans do, both at work and in the rest of their lives. Consequently, we must always question everything and take nothing to be truly sacrosanct.
  • Given the current state of humanity, the most successful model for businesses & other organizations, technology and products is one that is largely utilitarian. As a creator of products and solutions, our focus should be on enhancing two dimensions relevant to humans – their productivity and their joy. Nothing else will attract a vast majority of humans.
  • Last but not the least, we believe that a richer food of Thoughts is the richest food for thought.

Do these assumptions resonate well with you? If so, go to T now at to see the sort of magic that is created directly as a result of living life for nearly two scores of years without budging one bit from assumptions such as those listed above.

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