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Thanksgiving Planning: TipTop Now, Give Thanks Later

This Thanksgiving, reduce the hubbub around meal planning, recipe selection, travel decisions, activity ideas and Black Friday shopping — visit TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide, your one-stop destination for any tip you need for any aspect of your Thanksgiving weekend. TipTop gives you all the tips you need in one place so you can spend less time deciding how to celebrate, and more time enjoying the celebration!

For my family, this year’s Thanksgiving is all about keeping it real easy, saving time & money. Below are some useful tips I gleaned from TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving Meal Planning: Did you know that despite all the pundits’ health warnings, Fried Turkey is one of the top ten dishes people are cooking for Thanksgiving dinner? I don’t get it, all that gobbly grease, special pots & mess to clean up.

To keep it easy, I’m going with the Spatchcocked Turkey, from a Denver Post tip found by clicking Turkey in the “Food & Recipes” section of the Guide. TipTop shows other simple dishes that people are planning to prepare this year, like sweet potato, yams, mashed potatoes & green been salad.

Thanksgiving Travel Tips:

Although more people are flying this year, TipTop’s sentiment analysis shows that people don’t seem to be looking forward to air travel this Thanksgiving weekend. Travelers are talking about flight delays, last minute air fares, and the impending “TCS Opt Out Day” airport security pat-down.

Whether you are going to one of the top US or International destinations found in TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide Travel section or another location you can quickly see the buzz around town, changing all the time, to get the best tips for whatever interests you. Today, the conversation buzz in these cities is:

  • NYC: dinner, family, party, pack, new york city, home
  • Atlanta: thanksgiving day, dish, party, home, turkey
  • Houston: dallas, event, family, home, thanksgiving day, for thanksgiving

My family is staying local, and riding with a little one, so I was excited to find “Thanksgiving: Tips for Traveling with Baby” tip from TipTop “Thanksgiving traveling” results.

Thanksgiving Activity & Shopping Tips:

Activity tipsGet tons of activity ideas & shopping tips, that TipTop has extracted from tweets, by clicking ‘Surprise Me’ under the Search box. Click ‘Pick Another Activity‘ until you see something of interest. You then get the best tips for decorating centerpieces, for example.

If you want to take advantage of all the Black Friday or Cyber Monday ads from Wal-mart, Target & Best Buy before you make holiday gift purchasing decisions, compare products on TipTop Shopping first. For example, I created an HDTV product comparison guide to easily sort by product attributes & quickly read the best product reviews below:

TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide Top 10 lists will be updated over the next week to capture the ongoing Thanksgiving buzz, and TipTop’s search results are always exposing new tips so come back often to let TipTop help you quickly discover the best tips, get varied perspectives, and ultimately help you make better decisions.

Have a delicious Thanksgiving celebration!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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November 2010 Election Countdown: Daily Trends, Candidate Tips & the Straw Poll

TipTop’s 2010 Midterm Election Special gives voters a quick interactive snapshot of daily election topics and allows folks to delve into the campaign issues & policy debates going on in social media that are important to them. For fun, voters can also take a straw poll to see which political parties & candidates they swing towards for this November’s Gubernatorial, Senate & House elections.

Democratic & Republican, Tea Party & Independent voters’ top issues this election vary and how these differences will play out on Tuesday, November 2 will most likely depend on the weather. But seriously, peoples’ opinions about the direction of the US economy, healthcare,
government spending, immigration, or energy & the environmnent will all influence voter enthusiasm for the 2010 elections. The only place you can really see what is going inside voters’ heads (and your own:) is through TipTop’s 2010 Midterm Election Special. TipTop extracts the top campaign issues, about what people are really talking about, which will allow you to hear over the noisy extremists, call out the political centrists, and listen too the sideliners.

Once you are finished perusing the pundits & sharing your opinions on TipTop, don’t forget to go to the “Vote Prediction” page to see how you swing & get the latest overall results for TipTop’s Midterm Election Straw Poll. Below are some of key races for this years elections with today’s snapshot of TipTop sentiment scores & social media buzz topics. Click a candidate’s names to go to TipTop results page.


jerry brown







Social Media Trending Topics 

california, ca, poll, campaign, box, women, office

meg whitman 30% 12% california, republican, porto, campaign, housekeeper, glendale, ebay
Rodney Glassman 27% 2%
John McCain 16% 22%
Terry Goddard 15% 7% terror, arizona, home, democrat, office, endorsement, investment fraud indictment
Jan Brewer 20% 22% arizona, phoenix, obama, prison, law, man, story
Barbara Boxer 16% 16% box, poll, california, democrat, senate, sacramento, republican
Carly Fiorina 21% 9% california, box, senate, campaign, news, candidate, hospital
Harry Reid 16% 20% senate, nevada, leader, election, poll, party, democrat
Sharron Angle 25% 29% nevada, ad, party, tea, senator, senate, candidate
Kendrick Meek 18% 18% senate, florida, democrat, candidate, demo, rep, bill clinton
Marco Rubio 23% 15% rubio, florida, senate, party, tea, candidate, republican
Charlie Crist 16% 20% senate, florida, clinton, politics, demo, bill clinton, rubio
Democrat 35% 29% candidate senate party tea republican bill clinton
Tea Party 25% 23% candidate video halloween party senate republican
Andrew Cuomo 28% 9% new york city, new york, car, democrat, candidate, campaign, muscle
Carl Paladino 18% 15% candidate, campaign, new york city, republican, home, girl, new york

Remember Midterm Election trending topics update daily so please return to TipTop’s 2010 Election Special for a daily update until November 2nd. Don’t forget to find your polling place and vote.

Have a Happy Halloween & embrace the voting booth!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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TipTop Captures Greater Manchester 999 Call Tweets by Topic & Trend

Using TipTop’s search engine it is easy to get all the Greater Manchester Police tweets on one results page at Seeing all the GM police 999 call tweets in one place you can then filter the calls by topic, see sentiment trends over time & easily comment on both interesting and moronic calls via twitter.

Unfortunately the Greater Manchester police have to actually respond to the calls.

TipTop Searches Positive Calls Negative Calls Topics Extracted from Tweets
Greater Manchester OR GM police 29% 12% manchester, twitter, tween, calls, tweets, incident, incidents, people, united kingdom, tweet, emergency
from:gmp24_1 OR from:gmp24_2 OR from:gmp24_3
6% 21% man, police, salford, youth, bolton, vehicle, car, office, wigan, request, men, oldham
from:gmp24_1 (Twitter ID)
2% 16% man, car, police, manchester, request, salford, wigan, home, drug
from:gmp24_2 (Twitter ID)
2% 17% man, police, bolton, vehicle, manchester, woman, salford, bury, oldham
from:gmp24_3 (Twitter ID)
6% 24% man, bolton, wigan, vehicle, car, child, youth, rochdale, oldham, salford, men, office

To see how the tweeting public feels about the Greater Manchester police’s PR stunt or potentially sardonic 999 calls you can try a search on TipTop, like “Greater Manchester OR GM police“, “gmp” or “999 calls“.
See why people feel 29%:) and 8%:( about “Greater Manchester OR GM police” in TipTop See why people feel 43%:) and 10%:( about “#gmp” in TipTop
See why people feel 32%:) and 21%:( about “999 calls” in TipTop

Enjoy, and keep coming back to for the 411 on the 999:)

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TipTop Costume Ideas For Halloween Parties & Trick Or Treat: Make, Share & Shop

TipTop costume search People are getting excited for Halloween this year, sharing costume ideas and trick or treat tips across the Web. Like last year’s 2009 Halloween Costume Special, TipTop’s semantic search engine has captured thousands of Halloween costume ideas being shared on social networks for 2010. People have been texting opinions, sharing ideas & making decisions about all things related to dressing up, celebrating Hallows’ Eve and trick or treating this Fall. In 2009, TipTop analysis showed that costumes like Balloon Boy, Shanaynay & Max were all the rage. For 2010, Pirate, Zombie & Lady Gaga all return to the Top costume lists along with some new & some predictable Halloween outfits. There are still many yet to be decided Girl or Man get-ups.

Below are some of the Top costumes for this week featured on TipTop’s 2010 Halloween Costume Special. Use sentiment scores (mouse over the pie charts) to see what people like or dislike about a particular costume, see related costume buzz to get specific related concepts, and take advantage of the online shopping search to get that perfect party outfit. Below is a taste of the kinds of results you will get through using TipTop.

Top Costume Ideas Positive Sentement Negative Sentiment Social Media Buzz
Pauly D 25% 5% shore, jersey, hair, costume
Lady Gaga 15% 7% youtube, guy, video, alien, makeup
Zombie 33% 4% tattoo, event, fear, haunt,friends, adult
Ghost 26% 13% candy, stories, earring, tours, party
Pirate 32% 3% princess, girl, child, adult, boy, toddler
Alice in Wonderland 35% 17% queen, girl, heart, party, guy, rabbit
Girl 33% 13% baby girl, princess, adult, guy, costumes, daughter, boyfriend
Man 32% 11% house, party, iron, girl, colonial,  avatar
Orange 35% 15% black, pumpkin, earring, glass, jello,  house, lights, hat, shirt
Snooki 32% 7% shore, jersey, girl, hair, star,costumes, clothing, makeup
Belle 26% 13% princess, beauty, kid, party, disney, book, hall, daughter, park, baby
Facebook 37% 5% party, event, fan, skin, pumpkin, hat, image, friends, sleepy hollow

This week some Halloween costumes buzzing around social media that might be of interest for you to make, suggest to a friend, or buy online include:

  • Top people costumes being mulled around include: Girl, Man, Slut, Princess, Rapper, Pirate, Couple, Guy, Myself …see more on TipTop’s Halloween Special
  • Top thingamajig costume ideas getting worked out: Pumpkin, Orange, Facebook, Book, Haunted house, Cupcake … see more on TipTop’s Halloween Special







Make sure you visit TipTop’s 2010 Halloween Costume Special frequently to see what new costume ideas are buzzing around the social stratosphere & how people feel about them (see the sentiment pie charts). This will also help you to make fun costume suggestions to your friends & family. You can also search for what people are planning to wear at a location near you by selecting “Pick Location” option from when searching. For example, see the costume-related “Viewpoints from Philadelphia” below.

How are the Top 10 Costume Lists and Costume Clouds generated?

TipTop’s advanced semantic engine understands each and every tweet just like a human being would. As a result, it can discover from within the tweets exactly who is planning to wear what costume this Halloween. Once collected and aggregated across individual tweets, this knowledge is presented organized in several different ways in TipTop’s 2010 Halloween Costume Special page. We classify the costumes into a number of natural categories and show the top costumes within each category based on their overall popularity. The sentiment attached to each costume is computed by estimating the sentiment expressed in each of the corresponding Halloween costume snippets.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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Weekend Movies: Which new release film deserves your time or dime?

See what’s hot or not for October 1st openings at theaters this weekend on TipTop! Do you need some help deciding which movie to see on the big screen? Are you trying to figure out whether or not a new release film is movie theatre or DVD worthy? Or if you are in the same predicament as @MaddyTweetz, do yourself a favor and use TipTop to help you figure it all out.

MaddyDebating what movie to catch tonight: The Town, Social Network or Let me In. Thoughts??
The movie grid below is a quick and easy way to compare topics across aggregated sentiment scores, browse current buzz topics & see current tips from social media. To create a similar comparison grid for yourself on TipTop simply go to
  1. Enter a movie (or any topic) in the search box and save your query to “My TipTop” (To learn more read our previous My TipTop blog post)
  2. Go to “My TipTop” & comare the Selected Queries across positive & negative Tip sentiment, see movie related conversation topics, and get real-time Tips.
  3. Click “E-mail” & share your movie grid with friends.


New Movies (Click for Current Tips) 🙂 Tips 😦 Tips Conversation Buzz Topics
The Social Network 41% 6% social network, movie, facebook, film, story, ticket, life, wonder, seeing, tomatoes, album, world, walls
“Let Me In” 44% 8% movie, social network, film, horror, never let me go, theatre, scene, man, kid, actor, star, guy
“The Town” 37% 9% town, movie, social network, girl, work, painting, mall, seeing, car, hotel, eat
Freakonomics 29% 2% movie, film, book, social network, documentary, author, man, fan, talk
Ip Man OR Yip Man 20% 8% man, movie, film, legend, social network, hahaha, sama, hahahaha
Barry Munday 19% 60% movie, bar, greedy, wilson, film, hilarious, performance, man, info, director, ball, talk, role, atlantis
Anjaana Anjaani 44% 14% movie, film, song, star, stars, theatre, luv, story, bollywood, ticket, hair, c, work, india, p
    Gregomyleggo_TwitterPhoto Below are some of the social media Tips “I liked” & saved in “My TipTop” while checking out what people were “going to see” this weekend.


    Again, from My TipTop @TwitTipTop can send you or your friends an E-mail like this:
    “Hello, these are the snippets you have saved in My TipTop.”
    Image Twitter Id Topic Snippet
    _socialmedianow The Social Network The 10 most Glaring Lies in ‘The Social Network‘ : #thesocialnetwork
    bloodboyhorror “Let Me In” Horror-drama ‘Let Me In’ does its Swedish inspiration original justice: When Overture Films announced it would mak…
    mting Ip Man OR Yip Man Loving the Ip Man 2 soundtrack. More variations than the previous film. A recommendation if u love Oriental film scores #ipman2 #soundtrack
    workingauthor Barry Munday Barry Munday‘ starring Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer, Cybill Shepherd, Malcolm McDowell and more reviewed!
    trabajareuropa Freakonomics @MakingOf: Freakonmics is now in theaters! Hear @MorganSpurlock discuss the film and more @MakingOf”
    nikkyraney “The Town” My movie review for THE TOWN —> Blake Lively owns ‘The Town’ By Nikky Raney –
    kapylr Anjaana Anjaani Enjoyed watching Anjaana Anjaani. Great performances by @priyankachopra and @ranbir_kapoor

    Remember to come back to TipTop to guide your film viewing & DVD movie rental decisions or help whenever you are looking for insights around any topic — locally or globally. Enjoy!

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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    Weekend Movie Reviews: New Releases

    See What’s Hot & What’s Not at theaters this weekend! Do you need some help deciding which movie to see this weekend on the big screen? Are you trying to figure out whether or not a new release film is movie theatre or DVD worthy? Or if you are at the same predicament as Roger, do yourself a favor and use TipTop help you figure it all out.

    RogerDeRok tweets: “Debating whether to take Luisa to see Legend Of The Guardians this weekend or wait until it hits the 2nd run theaters to avoid wallet rape.”

    This is what people are saying about this weekends new releases. Click the links to see the magic of TipTop 😉

    Query Tips% Pits% Concepts
    “the social network”
    I logged into facebook after having seen THE SOCIAL NETWORK. I FEEL SO SOULLESS AND LONELY (@ Barnes & Noble)
    32% 9% social network, movie, facebook, newark, school, seeing, screening, work, premiere, soundtrack, catfish
    “100 Voices”
    Just saw “100 Voices: A Journey Home”-inspired, emotional, historic, educational & the cantors were outstanding!
    30% 4% home, movie, film, music, poland, documentary, song, event, gold, history, ticket
    Tibet in Song


    Opening in #NYC on Friday-“Tibet in Song” by former Political Prisoner Ngawang Choephel. Great review here:

    #tibet #fb

    18% 2% song, new york city, film, cinema, documentary, premiere, magazine
    movie “Wall Street”
    Thoughtful, well written review. Good movie writing. NYT: Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” Sequel –
    51% 9% street, walls, film, greedy, bank, system, wall street journal, business, work, the wall
    Waiting for Superman
    Waiting for Superman: Andy- some students charming. Tries to give us hope, but this could have been PBS #filmweek
    21% 9% education, movie, documentary, school, system, film, theater, teacher, video, walls, street, new york city, student, american
    Anjaana Anjaani

    Anjaana Anjaani Release Date Delayed New Release Date 1st October –
    32% 14% song, movie, film, ayodhya, video, bollywood, pic, guy, fan, tween, hp
    movie Howl
    enjoyed the movie Howl. I have a new appreciation for allen Ginsberg’s work and the literary heritage of SF. James Franco was great.
    43% 4% allen, poem, story, book, poetry, talk, opening, theater, dinner
    Enter the Void
    Death Is A trip In Enter The Void
    37% 7% film, gaspar, movie, town, trip, cinema, theater, united kingdom, director, new york city, seeing, fan, folks
    Legend of the Guardians
    Without a doubt, Zack Snyder’s BEST movie to date. Absolutely INCREDIBLE and, at times, BREATHTAKING.
    38% 10% legend, movie, walls, street, kid, theater, theatre, game, talking, ako, film, partner
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    Topical Tips for September 23rd

    Top “Mark Zuckerberg” Tips from TipTop, The Insight Engine

    Zuck‘s donating $100M to newark education. Interesting timing. Kudos nonetheless.

    Dear Mr Zuckerberg, stop screwing with facebook. Remember how we shunned bebo? Fix it now or you’re next

    ToFrom@danilic Zuckerberg turns off fb and world breathes sigh of relief. Meanwhile, 300m nerds panic at thought of having to talk in person

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    Top Tips for September 23

    Topic: “worst roads”

    Sentiment about “worst roads” from 4 days ago till now is 10% Tips & 82% piTs in TipTop. Click the link above to get current pro, con, or neutral comments, reactions or information about “worst roads“.

    Favorited Tips Today:


    KGO Radio

    • isettle4whores: I just saw on the news that san jose has the worst roads in the country. CA had like 5 of the top 10 worst smh. This place is overrated.
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    TipTop’s Geo Local Search & Social Media Marketing Opportunities

    Local search results, social media content & solutions for knowing what people are interested in at cities & towns around the world has never been easier. Just use TipTop at!

    Om Malik’s recent post, “Is Geo-Local the Answer to the Local Advertising Quandary?”, reviews GPS based advertising options available & how companies are trying to meet local consumer & business needs.

    “So what is the answer? GPS-based local offers which push you into taking action based on where you are. In other words, a needs-based location-aware mobile-based advertising platform that’s a part AdSense and part Groupon.”

    The primary issue facing small businesses & local advertisers is how to get in front of customers with the right message at the right time to fulfill what is on the Top of their mind.  A post on GrowMap’s blog, “How to Use TipTop for Real-Time Market Research“, illustrates how can be used for brand marketing & consumer sentiment analysis. It is easy to see how TipTop’s semantic technology can extract what is on the Top of people’s minds & provide related answers. With the introduction of location based search functionality into the TipTop platform, real-time geo-targeted lead generation becomes even more effective & beneficial for consumers & advertisers alike. Now, TipTop’s platform for discovering what is on the Top of people’s mind & delivering the best Tips becomes even more powerful. Here’s how to use TipTop to find who is “hungry” in Boston right now:

    1. Enter your query  in the “Search for Tips” box.
    2. Click “Localize by Region” in the results title.
    3. Enter a city & click “Search” on the pop-up map.
    4. Interact with the resulting Tips below.

    Do you have the right Tips to help these people out? Matching through “My TipTop” takes one person’s Top and answers with another’s Tip. For example:

    @westanddaniels‘s Norfolk Tip on “Saturday night” answers @freshd22‘s Top -Match on

    For more ways to use TipTop for social media marketing, please refer to “Managing Corporate Personas, Product Branding & Market Trends in Social Media”. If you are interested in some upcoming one-day social media events please check out Social Media Marketing’s Website or #smmuk10 in TipTop:


    • Email Marketing: San Francisco – 17th Sept 2010

    Brian Solis (FutureWorks), Mark Schmulen (Constant Contact)and Kristin Hersant (StrongMail)


    • Social Media Advertising: London – 20th Sept 2010

    Matt Atkinson (EHN Brann), Peter Crosby (Viadeo) and E.J. Garcia (Purple, Rock, Scissors)

    • Social Media Marketing & Advertising: Miami – 30th Sept 2010

    Evan Weber (Experience Advertising), Ian Fernando (IANternet Media) and Murray Newlands (Influence People)

    • Monitoring Social Media: Boston – 5th October 2010

    Marshall Sponder (WebMetricsGuru), Seth Grimes (Alta Plana), Radian6 and Brandwatch

    • Monitoring Social Media: San Francisco – 21st October 2010

    Jennifer Neeley Lindsay (BlogTalkRadio), Radian6 and Brandwatch

    If you would like to participate in any of these social media events listed above & would like to receive a discount:

    Enjoy & have a great weekend!

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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    Labor Day, Beyond the Backyard BBQ & Past the Sidewalk Sale

    TipTop’s Labor Day tips can prepare you for the backyard barbecue, inform you about neighborhood sidewalk sales & distant travel deals, and suggest ideas for Labor Day celebration activities and events with your family and friends.

    Make TipTop your constant companion and find delightful insights to help
    you with decisions and problems you need to solve every day, no matter
    how trivial or profound!

    This “Labor Day weekend” let TipTop serve up some great ideas, useful contacts, & insightful perspectives on any current topic by:

    • Providing relevant Tips “right away” when you do a TipTop search.
    • Connecting you with Top people who are talking about your interests now & who can provide relevant tips.
    • Analyzing conversations to provide hot topics, sentiment & popularity trends around the people, places & things of interest to you.

    Here are some Tips for getting ideas about what people are doing “on Labor Day” or ideas to help your “Labor Day planning”

    • Get inspired for that Labor Day BBQ by discovering great recipes, activities & backyard chefs.

    When you find a useful Tip, share it by clicking “I like” and posting something on twitter like:

    I like @finecooking’s “Strawberry-Mint Tea Sparkling Punch– Add a splash of lemon-lime soda or sparkling wine…” tip in TipTop at for “recipes”.

    Good morning! Glad that it’s Friday 🙂 Labor day party on Sunday will include a giant slide for the adults – I’m excited! RT @castro2clark (via

    Diet tip 4 surviving the holiday weekend: Grill up some #BOCA burgers with these recipes to keep calories… RT @bocameatless (via

    I like @grillsrecipes’s “Barbecue Champ – The Best Competition Barbecue Recipes …” tip in TipTop at for “recipes”.

    • Get “big picture” perspectives from TipTop’s analysis of social media conversations for this Labor Day weekend:

    See where people are traveling to & what the travel deals this weekend are:

    From TipTop’s sentiment analysis of current film chatter, you can see thousands of tips aggregated as real-time opinion polling results:

    Remember go to
    to help whenever you are looking for insights around any topic or any kind of tips — locally or globally.

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real

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