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Find Me a Gift, Make Me a Match, Be My TipTop Valentine

Who needs cupid for Valentine’s Day when you have TipTop!  If you are already feeling smitten & know your sweetheart’s twitter name, just enter it in TipTop’s Valentine Gift Finder & you will get personalized gift ideas for them. If you are bit more sly, enter your own twitter ID and share your favorite gift ideas with that special someone. Of course, you can browse our Valentine ‘gifts for’ lists & shop for presents for your girlfriend, husband, lover or a new guy or girl in your life.Valentine matches for @ladygaga

So even if @tigerwoods isn’t your lover this Valentine’s Day, TipTop can help you find a special someone who is also looking for love on twitter. From the “Be My Valentine” tab on the Valentine’s Day Special, enter your (or a friends:) twitter ID & see who TipTop finds as a potential match. If you don’t see a potential partner, just hit ‘Refresh’, click to ‘View’ a person’s profile on TipTop or ‘Share’ the match with a friend or family member.

So you’ve hooked “your friends” up with some TipTop personality matches, now its time to find someone who matches your desires & needs. Maybe one of your Valentine’s date requirements is that s/he have a job. Just type in “work” and connect with those perspective matches by clicking the interaction buttons below their message. 

Now that you found a date & bought a gift its time to figure out where to take your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Check out all the Valentine weekend romantic activity ideas TipTop compiled from thousands of tweets, semantically analyzed and presented in Top 10 lists and searchable concept cloud. Click to see them all! TipTop's 2011 Valentine's Day Top Activity Lists

Top romantic destinations for Valentine’s weekend in 2011 include: Vegas, Chicago, LA, Miami, NYC, Atlanta, Paris, London, Houston, and Hawaii.

We hope TipTop has made your Valentine’s Day one to remember no matter which kind of match you have made!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Wondering what to do on New Years Eve? Use tips from TipTop to ring in the New Year

Whether you plan to celebrate the end of 2010 in style or do the 2011 Happy New Year table dance, TipTop offers up top tips, people & perspectives from social media to help transport you wherever you may want to go, no matter where you are on New Year’s Eve.

Find out how people are feeling as they ring in the new year, what new years resolutions they are making, & what’s going on in cities across America New Years Eve 2010.

In San Francisco for example, I found out that on New Year’s Day the city of San Francisco is going to reward you with a ticket-free day of parking.

To find out the New Year’s sentiment, conversation buzz or the best New Years Eve tips for your neck-of-the-woods, enter your NYE topic of interest on TipTop and “Pick Location” or click “Add City” to get the current tips.

Have a Happy New Year & a Tip Top 2011!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real-time!


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Labor Day, Beyond the Backyard BBQ & Past the Sidewalk Sale

TipTop’s Labor Day tips can prepare you for the backyard barbecue, inform you about neighborhood sidewalk sales & distant travel deals, and suggest ideas for Labor Day celebration activities and events with your family and friends.

Make TipTop your constant companion and find delightful insights to help
you with decisions and problems you need to solve every day, no matter
how trivial or profound!

This “Labor Day weekend” let TipTop serve up some great ideas, useful contacts, & insightful perspectives on any current topic by:

  • Providing relevant Tips “right away” when you do a TipTop search.
  • Connecting you with Top people who are talking about your interests now & who can provide relevant tips.
  • Analyzing conversations to provide hot topics, sentiment & popularity trends around the people, places & things of interest to you.

Here are some Tips for getting ideas about what people are doing “on Labor Day” or ideas to help your “Labor Day planning”

  • Get inspired for that Labor Day BBQ by discovering great recipes, activities & backyard chefs.

When you find a useful Tip, share it by clicking “I like” and posting something on twitter like:

I like @finecooking’s “Strawberry-Mint Tea Sparkling Punch– Add a splash of lemon-lime soda or sparkling wine…” tip in TipTop at for “recipes”.

Good morning! Glad that it’s Friday 🙂 Labor day party on Sunday will include a giant slide for the adults – I’m excited! RT @castro2clark (via

Diet tip 4 surviving the holiday weekend: Grill up some #BOCA burgers with these recipes to keep calories… RT @bocameatless (via

I like @grillsrecipes’s “Barbecue Champ – The Best Competition Barbecue Recipes …” tip in TipTop at for “recipes”.

  • Get “big picture” perspectives from TipTop’s analysis of social media conversations for this Labor Day weekend:

See where people are traveling to & what the travel deals this weekend are:

From TipTop’s sentiment analysis of current film chatter, you can see thousands of tips aggregated as real-time opinion polling results:

Remember go to
to help whenever you are looking for insights around any topic or any kind of tips — locally or globally.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real

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TipTop Search via SMS: Opinions delivered to your mobile cell phone

TipTop Get TipTopSM search resultsSms_iphone on-the-go by using SMS text messaging on your mobile or cell phone. Use TipTopSM
via SMS
to find out how people feel about anything currently discussed or published
twitter. Type in a search topic and get back the overall social sentiment or opinion as a
percentage of
Tips and piTs.

TipTop via SMS is very helpful when you need to:

  • make a quick product decision while shopping.
  • decide which movie to go to while out and about.
  • get the buzz about an activity or event.
  • know how people are thinking or feeling about any topic.

Check out the results for:

Sms_zhuzhu_hamsterSms_paranormal_activitySms_belly_dancing Sms_health_care_reform

Follow these steps to get TipTop search results through your phone:

  • Initiate a text message by entering DOTCOM or 368266 on your cell phone.
  • In the text box type, or feeltiptop followed by the query terms.
    For example, try typing " smart phone" (without the double quotes).
  • Send the message.
  • You will quickly receive a SMS text message response similar to the examples above, like this:

(1/1) Opinions about "smart phone" on Twitter are 38% positive Tips and 21% negative piTs

Have a great week! Try TipTop via SMS on you phone or on the web at or

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Search TipTop for Weekend Fun

TipTop Search Logo TipTop is a one-of-a-kind Twitter-based search engine. Whatever you
need, TipTop Search helps you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as
well as people to engage and share experiences with.

WoW! Is the statement above true? You bet your artichoke hearts it is:) I was just fussing around this morning and remembered a good friend was participating in the PA Renewable Energy Festival this weekend and decided to do a search on TipTop's Event Channel to see if there was any real-time buzz. Techcrunch50 Not nearly as much real-time hupalala as the techcrunch50 event in San Francisco received earlier this week (on TipTop, look for "Search results from before…" to get all the best roundup Tips. The messages with red stars next to them have been ReTipped). 

Looking on TipTop Search to see what is going on this weekend, I came across a variety of messages (tweets) from contributors to this organic twittersphere. They are listed below with some TipTop sharing tips you can use to engage and share experiences with other interesting folks.

A. Event Promotions: Event_promo Click "E" to expand url or just move your cursor or mouse over external links to see a snapshot view of the content before you commit to click. Check out some great gigs in the SF Bay Area this weekend.

B. Advice or Tip Requests: Bayarea_Advice Click "Reply" with an answer if you can help a person out or "ReTip" them with another persons snippet of helpful information.

C. Activity Partner Opportunities: Activity_retweet Click "Reply" to the message if you are interested in joining in or "ReTip" the message if you think someone else would be a good match. Who knows where this might lead;).

D. Event or Activity Tips: Activity_ReTip Click "ReTip" or "Retweet" if you support, like, or are going to partake in said activity. Be real and share what you are passionate about.

E. Individual Activities or Plans: Farm_sitting "ReTip" a persons message to let them and others know what you like or think is cool. You could open up opportunities for yourself or your followers….like the surprisingly popular activity of farm sitting!

Renfaire_pirate Personally, I found out about the Northern California Renaissance Faire through TipTop Search and found out about ticket discounts, "ReTipped" the pirate invasion post, read event reviews, and discovered other positive and negative tips.

Explore TipTop Search everyday. It really does help you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as
well as people to engage and share experiences with.

Have a great weekend,

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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