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Search Engine TipTop Announces New Features

solves a problem that every internet user has encountered at some
point:  how to cut through all of the information that’s out there on
the Web and find what’s useful to your everyday life.  The idea is that
regular people should be able to reach out and share their experiences
with one another, to make even routine activities more efficient and
more fun.  People are doing this to some extent using Twitter and other
platforms and with our truly semantic solution, we hope to encourage
users to engage with others of like interests or temperaments in even
more spontaneous and natural ways.

TipTop Concept CloudTo
help users find the information most relevant to a given query, TipTop
software filters tweets in two main ways. The first is by the concepts
related to the search terms, which appear as a clickable list of
keywords once the search is performed. Users can select any of these to
narrow down their initial search. The keywords are very useful in
showing users the different contexts or relations in which the subject
of their search figures in people’s consciousness at the time of the

The second filter is the division of the tweets into “Tips,” “Pits,”
and “Remaining messages.” Tips and Pits are the tweets that share
something useful or important about the search query that may interest
the person who entered the query. Tips are the ones that express
something positive about the topic, while Pits are complaints or
warnings about the topic. Tweets deemed less useful are placed in
Remaining messages, and may include polls, advertisements and standard,
plain facts.  By moving these messages out of the way, TipTop saves
users a lot of time that they would otherwise spend scrolling through
tweets, looking for good ones.

The ‘real-time’ quality of the information that TipTop filters makes
it part of a growing trend in online search that prizes unedited
content generated by non-experts.  Although Twitter is only the first
step in our overall vision for this unstoppable phenomenon, it is
probably the best example right now of a platform full of real-time
information that can be useful with the right technology  to facilitate
useful, fast searches and to connect you with the right people. That’s
where TipTop comes in. 


TipTop’s new interface encourages users to reply to, or acknowledge
the people and tweets that they find interesting. In addition to just
searching, users now have the option of replying to the authors of
tweets that their search turns up, as well as of “Re-tipping” the
authors, or showing their appreciation for a useful tip they
discovered. The Reply and Re-tip functions are meant to start
conversations between Twitter users with common interests.  TipTop also
offers a “Re-tweet” option, which is based on the prolific Twitter RT
convention. When users opt to re-tweet content that they found through TipTop, the website automatically sets up a new tweet for them, which
shares the initial information and credits its original author.

TipTop Channels: PeopleWe
have also introduced vertical-specific Channels into TipTop.  We have
about a dozen at the moment but we plan to expand to hundreds and
perhaps even millions one day.  Only on TipTop, a user can now compare
anything with anything side by side.  Yes, I do really mean anything
with anything no matter what topic the entities being compared belong
to.  This aspect by itself makes TipTop at least a generation or two
ahead of any other product that is out there today.

We now offer a way to look at TipTop search results through TipTop
Search Widgets that you can place on your blog or website.  Look for
the green box in any of our pages and click, “Embed these results” to
build your TipTop Search Widget.

The best way to figure TipTop out is to use it.  Not once or twice
but every day, all the time. Only reading about it is kind of like only
reading about sex.  I believe that neither can be as fulfilling as the
corresponding real thing.  (I will refrain from recommending how often
anyone should have sex.)

On the day of birth of TipTop, now nearly 3 months ago, I forecast
that even the creators of this newborn have little clue about what all
it is going to be capable of doing over the course of her/his
existence. Today what I wrote then is even more accurate. Each day now,
at least ten new and intriguing uses of TipTop emerge. We discover
some of these & our users discover others that we had not even
anticipated. In the end, TipTop, perhaps more than any other product
out there today, is of the world, for the world, and by the world.


Shyam Kapur
President & CEO
TipTop Technologies, Inc.

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