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Spirits roam free this Halloween

Spirits roam free this Halloween

Our mining of last month’s tweets seems to show that free spirits are not just occupying Wall Street this fall season, but also plotting the usual ways to scare more pliant victims into coughing up some real candy.

Indeed, some people have such wonderful ideas for their costumes, it’s a shame others don’t get to see more of them. As usual, this year we have collected, analyzed, filtered and categorized thousands of conversations about Halloween costumes that you can explore and share to your heart’s content.

You will find people dressing themselves (and their friends, kids, and friends’ kids) up as Celebrities, weird and not-so-weird Creatures, Animals, Fictional characters and more.

We hope you will also like the new tabbed interface (borrowed from our new-look main page) which allows us to pack in a lot more into the same space, but gives you more control over how you browse.

So with two clicks, I can see one of my favorites from different “angles”, and am pleased to report that while Steve Jobs is no more, his spirit is not only immortal but very popular (and mostly happy!)

Steve Jobs Halloween TipTop Insights

Steve Jobs Halloween spirit

Even tried-and-trusted favorites like the pumpkin and the witch continue to surprise and delight. For example, here is a one-year old Handpicked tip that I discovered, with step-by-step pictures on how to make a paper witch cut-out.

Witch Halloween TipTop Insights

Halloween witchcraft

I immediately felt like sharing the link, and did: my own girls delight in more grown-up witchcraft now, but I hope some other little girls or their parents out there will find the tip fun to try.

Whether you are young or old, whether you like to stick with old faithfuls, or will be brave enough to consider the zany Charlie Sheen (always good for new laughs!) —

Charlie Sheen Halloween TipTop Insights

TipTop Insights -- Charlie Sheen Halloween

we’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing these delightful pages, full of hundreds of fresh Halloween insights every time you visit.

Wishing you a TipTop Halloween!


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Tap Into Your News by Topic or Time: WP7 Apps for Twitter & Google Reader

TipTop Technologies just released two free Windows Phone 7 apps to make smart phone users’ lives more streamlined, organized & engaging. Both the TipSweet client & the TipTop Reader app create ‘Hot Topic’ concept clouds from your Twitter or Google Reader feeds so you can quickly scan, tap into specific points of interest & get the tips you need at any time on your WP7 phone. Using TipSweet is as easy as logging into your Twitter account on your phone. Watch the video below to see how TipTop’s semantic magic can help you get the most out of real-time news and conversations you have with your followers.

I also really enjoy using the TipTop Reader app on my WP7 phone (see RWW’s “Using Windows Phone 7: One Week with an HD7) to break down all the news content & RSS feeds I aggregated on Google Reader into bite sized topics & consumable tips. I can’t wait until TipTop comes out with a Web-based version of this personalized news reader so I can get the same experience on my laptop. In the meantime you can check out this video tutorial for the TipTop Reader. One reviewer from Zune Marketplace writes:

I love the approach to summarizing feeds and displaying the topic cloud/tag (which is auto generated based on the most current items in your feeds). This lets me filter by the topics I want to see rather than scroll through a huge list based on the time (which is also supported). Quite often stories are duplicated (in the feeds) so using the topic cloud I can just read one version of a story that is of interest. Since Google Reader is a good place to consolidate feeds, this takes it further by making it easier to consume. the topics are also colorized based on the sentiment of the stories for that topic which is pretty cool.

Please give both of these social & news apps a whirl, download the TipTop Reader and TipSweet from your WP7 by searching for ‘TipTop’ on Zune Marketplace. We’d appreciate hearing your reaction after trying these apps by adding a review on Zune or posting a comment here. Also, you can always tap into the power of TipTop on any mobile phone by going to


Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Charlie Sheen Brands @charliesheen, Gets Social Media Celebrity Status as a TipTop Trend

Charlie Sheen Brands @charliesheen, Gets Social Media Celebrity Status as a TipTop Trend

TipTop Technologies’ ongoing analysis of tweets about “Charlie Sheen” and from:CharlieSheen through his newly @charliesheen Twitter account, is uncovering some interesting semantic trends. At over 2.2 million followers on March 8th, Sheen has accrued a lot of social media capital in a Guinness Book of Records amount of time. TipTop can’t tell you how much this socially networked online persona is worth, but you can use TipTop’s social search & conversation engine for brand management analysis and to peruse “TipTop Trends in Social Media: Charlie Sheen Coverage” to get the latest insights, tips or trends over time for this “#winning” celebrity.Charlie Sheen Social Media Sentiment Trends Charlie Sheen Topics on Twitter

As you can see from the trend chart above, as of today, negative sentiment has overtaken the overall positive sentiment trends related to Charlie Sheen. Maybe this is why Sheen is looking to hire a social media intern to manage his twitter account. In anycase, you can see how TipTop organizes Tips, displays trends & identifies hot topics by checking out CharlieSheen’s TipTop profile & search results pages below.

Charlie Sheen's Social Media Profile

Charlie Sheen's Social Media Profile on TipTop

Tweets from Charlie Sheen

Tips & Trends for Charlie Sheen on TipTop

Your call…fried celebrity, celebrity genius or social media guru? Stay trendy on TipTop & share your tips!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop’s 2011 Oscars Race Social Media Award Winners Before the Envelope, Please

TipTop’s 2011 Oscars Race Social Media Award Winners Before the Envelope, Please

In the final hour before the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony begins & the Oscar nominees walk down the Red Carpet, TipTop takes a snapshot of our Oscar’s awards leaderboards. We have been tracking Oscar-related tweets & extracting the sentiment around the actor & actress nominees and film & movie nominations since February 14th. To see what passions are flying around the actors, actresses & directors this year check out TipTop’s Red Carpet Passion Pies slice by emotional slice. For the 2011 Academy Awards, TipTop’s social media Oscar award predictions are:

TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used the Best Picture sentiment leaderboard on TipTop for Oscar nominee tips to make my award prediction:True Grit
Best Picture Winner: The King’s Speech
I used the Best Director race leaderboard on TipTop for #Oscars nominee tips to make my award prediction: Tom Hooper
Directing Winner: Tom Hooper
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used the Best Actor race chart on TipTop for Oscar nominee tips to make my award prediction: Jeff Bridges
Actor in a Leading Role Winner: Colin Firth
I used the Best Actress tweet sentiment chart on TipTop 4 #Oscars nominee tips 2 make my award prediction: Nicole Kidman
Actress in a Leading Role Winner: Natalie Portman
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used TipTop’s Best Supporting Actor sentiment chart for #Oscars nominee tips to make my award prediction: John Hawkes
Best Supporting Actor Winner: Christian Bale
I used TipTop’s Best Supporting Actress race chart for #Oscars nominee tips to make my award prediction: Melissa Leo
Best Supporting Actress Winner: Melissa Leo
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used TipTop’s Best Animated Film sentiment trends chart for #Oscars tips to make my award prediction: The Illusionist
Best Animated Film Winner: Toy Story 3
I used TipTop’s Best Foreign Film sentiment leaderboard for #Oscars nominee tips to make my award prediction: Incendies
Best Foreign Film Winner: In a Better World
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used the Best Screenplay tweet chart on TipTop for Oscar nominee tips to make my award prediction: The King’s Speech
Best Original Screenplay Winner: The King’s Speech
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used the Best Documentary race chart on TipTop for Oscar nominee tips to make my award prediction: Restrepo
Best Documentary Winner: Inside Job
To capture the passion of the Red Carpet fashion TipTop is also analyzing the emotional component of Oscars-related tweets & presenting how fans in social media really feel about all these celebrities during the Academy Awards ceremony & the after-party. Make sure you take a look tomorrow at our Red Carpet Celebrity Pasion Pies to see who was hot & who was a flop. Also read TipTop’s press release, “2011 Oscars Nominees & Fan Reaction to the 83rd Academy Awards Slice by Emotional Slice“.

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Predicting 2011 Oscar Winners for the 83rd Academy Awards

Predicting 2011 Oscar Winners for the 83rd Academy Awards

Many movie fans & film critics are wondering or guessing who will win an Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony on February 27th. If you’d like to predict the winners in 2011 with the help of semantics & social media, TipTop’s 83rd Academy Awards Special is the best place for you to visit. TipTop’s engine is continuously extracting the sentiment expressed in thousands of your tweets each day around the Oscars as well as the films & actors that have been nominated for these awards. It’s not as painful as it might sound and no one is injured except for some celebrity egos along the way. TipTop’s Oscar preductions are found in our blog post, “Oscars Race Social Media Award Winners Before the Envelope, Please”.

So, instead of using a crystal ball this year, we recommend you review TipTop’s Academy Award Leaderboards to see who is Top trending and who is Flop trending. You can also use the daily tips and the top web sites that TipTop features in addition to sentiment trends for each of the films, movies, actors & actresses. Give us a spin and let us know your predictions by tweeting them to @twitTipTop or posting them on TipTop’s facebook page.

Today, Jeff Bridges is Tops on the Best Actor Leaderboard but this can’t be a long term trend! If you tweet, now is a great time to support your favorite movie, actor and actress with messages indicating your liking. Make sure you visit TipTop’s Academy Award Leaderboards for the latest results and come back next week to see TipTop’s award predictions! We were quite pleased with the accuracy of our predictions last year. Read “Watching the 2010 Academy Awards & Walking the Red Carpet Via TipTop Social Search & Sentiment” for our 82nd Academy Award prediction results.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Find Me a Gift, Make Me a Match, Be My TipTop Valentine

Who needs cupid for Valentine’s Day when you have TipTop!  If you are already feeling smitten & know your sweetheart’s twitter name, just enter it in TipTop’s Valentine Gift Finder & you will get personalized gift ideas for them. If you are bit more sly, enter your own twitter ID and share your favorite gift ideas with that special someone. Of course, you can browse our Valentine ‘gifts for’ lists & shop for presents for your girlfriend, husband, lover or a new guy or girl in your life.Valentine matches for @ladygaga

So even if @tigerwoods isn’t your lover this Valentine’s Day, TipTop can help you find a special someone who is also looking for love on twitter. From the “Be My Valentine” tab on the Valentine’s Day Special, enter your (or a friends:) twitter ID & see who TipTop finds as a potential match. If you don’t see a potential partner, just hit ‘Refresh’, click to ‘View’ a person’s profile on TipTop or ‘Share’ the match with a friend or family member.

So you’ve hooked “your friends” up with some TipTop personality matches, now its time to find someone who matches your desires & needs. Maybe one of your Valentine’s date requirements is that s/he have a job. Just type in “work” and connect with those perspective matches by clicking the interaction buttons below their message. 

Now that you found a date & bought a gift its time to figure out where to take your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Check out all the Valentine weekend romantic activity ideas TipTop compiled from thousands of tweets, semantically analyzed and presented in Top 10 lists and searchable concept cloud. Click to see them all! TipTop's 2011 Valentine's Day Top Activity Lists

Top romantic destinations for Valentine’s weekend in 2011 include: Vegas, Chicago, LA, Miami, NYC, Atlanta, Paris, London, Houston, and Hawaii.

We hope TipTop has made your Valentine’s Day one to remember no matter which kind of match you have made!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Super Bowl 45 Ad-ticipation: 2011 Big Game Commercials & Brand Sentiment

Fasten your seat belts for Super Bowl 45 football fans! “Big Game” brands are hunting you down, whether you are plastered to the TV, tweeting on the phone, faning on facebook, or gaming on the go like an angry bird. 2011 Super Bowl advertisers are dipping into the “Social Bowl” cracking the “Mobile Bowl” and “Crashing in on the Super Bowl” in every which way but loose. See how the ads fared from our post game press release “SuperBowl Ad Sentiment Sliced-n-Diced by TipTop Analytics“.TipTop's Super Bowl 45 Ad Ratings

Whether you plan to watch the Super Bowl Sunday or just catch the commercials after the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers mash it out, TipTop offers a great way to:

  1. quickly see a summary of SB45 tweets, trends, top tips & web pages;
  2. view pre & post game trends in brand sentiment for Super Bowl sponsors and their commercial ads & videos;
  3. get in-depth coverage for popular brands, like Volkswagen or Motorola, to see long term sentiment trends and daily news summaries;
  4. search TipTop for the best tips from social media & the web for ads like:

TipTop's Superbowl 45 Pre-Game Commercial Brand Ratings

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real-time!

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Wondering what to do on New Years Eve? Use tips from TipTop to ring in the New Year

Whether you plan to celebrate the end of 2010 in style or do the 2011 Happy New Year table dance, TipTop offers up top tips, people & perspectives from social media to help transport you wherever you may want to go, no matter where you are on New Year’s Eve.

Find out how people are feeling as they ring in the new year, what new years resolutions they are making, & what’s going on in cities across America New Years Eve 2010.

In San Francisco for example, I found out that on New Year’s Day the city of San Francisco is going to reward you with a ticket-free day of parking.

To find out the New Year’s sentiment, conversation buzz or the best New Years Eve tips for your neck-of-the-woods, enter your NYE topic of interest on TipTop and “Pick Location” or click “Add City” to get the current tips.

Have a Happy New Year & a Tip Top 2011!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real-time!


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Need last-minute holiday gift ideas? TipTop personalizes the ideas, so you can buy the perfect present!

If you or your friends are like me and my friends, we are all rushing around trying to buy last minute presents for those tricky family members or picky friends. Luckily for me this year, TipTop’s 2010 Holiday & Gift Guide makes finding the perfect presents and sharing unique gift ideas easy at TipTop figures out enough of my friends’ tastes from their tweets to recommend cool gifts personalized to their interests! Try it with your friends’ Twitter IDs — or if they don’t tweet a lot (or at all) — with a celebrity’s or someone else’s ID who you think is similar to them.  For example, TipTop recommends the items below for @AshleyTisdale:

If I don’t like what ideas are displayed I can click “Refresh” to see more gift items in blue as well. Sharing the Gift Guide lists & ideas with my twitter followers with a single click is easy. For our non-social media savvy friends and relatives you still click the “Share” button to send email with the present ideas for dads, moms, grandparents, coworkers, kids, geeks, foodies, etc. TipTop has picked up and classified the gift lists by listening to what everyone is saying this holiday season about what they are going to buy and what they are dying to receive.

To learn more, check out our previous blog post “Find Presents for Anyone on Your Gift List With TipTop’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide.” From the guide, you can shop for products and buy gifts as well on TipTop Shopping. If you are looking for a gift for me here are some ideas:)

We hope you have a tip top holiday season & happy new year!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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November 2010 Election Countdown: Daily Trends, Candidate Tips & the Straw Poll

TipTop’s 2010 Midterm Election Special gives voters a quick interactive snapshot of daily election topics and allows folks to delve into the campaign issues & policy debates going on in social media that are important to them. For fun, voters can also take a straw poll to see which political parties & candidates they swing towards for this November’s Gubernatorial, Senate & House elections.

Democratic & Republican, Tea Party & Independent voters’ top issues this election vary and how these differences will play out on Tuesday, November 2 will most likely depend on the weather. But seriously, peoples’ opinions about the direction of the US economy, healthcare,
government spending, immigration, or energy & the environmnent will all influence voter enthusiasm for the 2010 elections. The only place you can really see what is going inside voters’ heads (and your own:) is through TipTop’s 2010 Midterm Election Special. TipTop extracts the top campaign issues, about what people are really talking about, which will allow you to hear over the noisy extremists, call out the political centrists, and listen too the sideliners.

Once you are finished perusing the pundits & sharing your opinions on TipTop, don’t forget to go to the “Vote Prediction” page to see how you swing & get the latest overall results for TipTop’s Midterm Election Straw Poll. Below are some of key races for this years elections with today’s snapshot of TipTop sentiment scores & social media buzz topics. Click a candidate’s names to go to TipTop results page.


jerry brown







Social Media Trending Topics 

california, ca, poll, campaign, box, women, office

meg whitman 30% 12% california, republican, porto, campaign, housekeeper, glendale, ebay
Rodney Glassman 27% 2%
John McCain 16% 22%
Terry Goddard 15% 7% terror, arizona, home, democrat, office, endorsement, investment fraud indictment
Jan Brewer 20% 22% arizona, phoenix, obama, prison, law, man, story
Barbara Boxer 16% 16% box, poll, california, democrat, senate, sacramento, republican
Carly Fiorina 21% 9% california, box, senate, campaign, news, candidate, hospital
Harry Reid 16% 20% senate, nevada, leader, election, poll, party, democrat
Sharron Angle 25% 29% nevada, ad, party, tea, senator, senate, candidate
Kendrick Meek 18% 18% senate, florida, democrat, candidate, demo, rep, bill clinton
Marco Rubio 23% 15% rubio, florida, senate, party, tea, candidate, republican
Charlie Crist 16% 20% senate, florida, clinton, politics, demo, bill clinton, rubio
Democrat 35% 29% candidate senate party tea republican bill clinton
Tea Party 25% 23% candidate video halloween party senate republican
Andrew Cuomo 28% 9% new york city, new york, car, democrat, candidate, campaign, muscle
Carl Paladino 18% 15% candidate, campaign, new york city, republican, home, girl, new york

Remember Midterm Election trending topics update daily so please return to TipTop’s 2010 Election Special for a daily update until November 2nd. Don’t forget to find your polling place and vote.

Have a Happy Halloween & embrace the voting booth!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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