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TipTop Me Lucky Stars Challenge Results

Last week we asked our TipTop Fans "to discover if restaurants with Irish in the business name serve better food than restaurants just listed as serving Irish cuisine. We didn't get a lot of response, so either St. Patrick's Day in the SF Bay Area has lost some of that green and orange luster or this challenge was a St. Patrick's Day dump.

In either case, the lack of engagement is a perfect opportunity to show off how TipTop Technologies's natural language text summarizer can get make daily challenges easier for us all. Reading hundreds of reviews for a product or service is time consuming and only allows an impression of the data. The TipTop text summarizer can process hundreds and thousands of reviews for a restaurant or whatever, analyze the data, and create easily consumable text summaries across any relevant criteria.

Looking at the TipTop generated review summaries for restaurants (with and without "Irish" in their business name), ranked according to the best Irish cuisine in San Francisco,  you will get a taste of how this powerful summarizer can give you the quick jig before you jag.


What do you think? Discuss the potential applications for TipTop technology by posting a comment on the TipTop Technologies's Blog or visiting our discussion wall on the TipTop Fan page on Facebook.

Have a great week!

The TipTop Team

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