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Spirits roam free this Halloween

Spirits roam free this Halloween

Our mining of last month’s tweets seems to show that free spirits are not just occupying Wall Street this fall season, but also plotting the usual ways to scare more pliant victims into coughing up some real candy.

Indeed, some people have such wonderful ideas for their costumes, it’s a shame others don’t get to see more of them. As usual, this year we have collected, analyzed, filtered and categorized thousands of conversations about Halloween costumes that you can explore and share to your heart’s content.

You will find people dressing themselves (and their friends, kids, and friends’ kids) up as Celebrities, weird and not-so-weird Creatures, Animals, Fictional characters and more.

We hope you will also like the new tabbed interface (borrowed from our new-look main page) which allows us to pack in a lot more into the same space, but gives you more control over how you browse.

So with two clicks, I can see one of my favorites from different “angles”, and am pleased to report that while Steve Jobs is no more, his spirit is not only immortal but very popular (and mostly happy!)

Steve Jobs Halloween TipTop Insights

Steve Jobs Halloween spirit

Even tried-and-trusted favorites like the pumpkin and the witch continue to surprise and delight. For example, here is a one-year old Handpicked tip that I discovered, with step-by-step pictures on how to make a paper witch cut-out.

Witch Halloween TipTop Insights

Halloween witchcraft

I immediately felt like sharing the link, and did: my own girls delight in more grown-up witchcraft now, but I hope some other little girls or their parents out there will find the tip fun to try.

Whether you are young or old, whether you like to stick with old faithfuls, or will be brave enough to consider the zany Charlie Sheen (always good for new laughs!) —

Charlie Sheen Halloween TipTop Insights

TipTop Insights -- Charlie Sheen Halloween

we’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing these delightful pages, full of hundreds of fresh Halloween insights every time you visit.

Wishing you a TipTop Halloween!


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TipTop Social Interactions: Ask, Tell & Respond

If you haven’t been to TipTop’s home page @ recently, now is a great time to get reacquainted and check out the “From: TipTop To: TipTop” section. If you are a fan of TipTop on Facebook and follow @twitTipTop on Twitter, then you probably know that you can see a complete social networking profile of TipTop’s social media interactions on Twitter at TipTop_InteractionsHere you can see company news, products updates,  insightful musings & tweets, people we communicate with, tweeps who interact with us and our products, and the social sentiment around all of these social networking interactions.

On TipTop’s hub page, we are now featuring selected tweets from TipTop users, TipTop answers to people’s questions, fun insights into using TipTop, and editorially selected topics and polls. You can use the box “Enter your tip here…” to interact with @twitTipTop via Twitter, asking questions, sharing Tips, responding to polls, and possibly having your tweet featured on TipTop’s hub page to be seen by tens of thousands of our users! Please respond to @twitTipTop on Twitter with whatever you would like to tell TipTop today. 🙂

Enjoy & Have a Tip Top Weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop Holiday Gift Shopping: Product Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

TipTop Logo TipTop's one-of-a-kind comparison shopping site is ready for your holiday gift purchases. TipTop Shopping takes the bite out of your buying time online!

Do you have time to read 10’s or 100’s of product reviews to make your gift buying decisions this holiday season?
TipTop analyzes the text of product reviews and computes scores for
several attributes including overall quality, safety, value for money, etc. It also displays the best reviews and extracts the
most relevant portions of the review to help you make informed
purchasing decisions quickly.

Why use TipTop Shopping? Click to view a larger image of TipTop's Product Search Results page.

  • It is the only shopping site where shoppers can search millions of products from, browse through the most relevant matches to view TipTop's product ratings, see user reviews grouped into positive Tips and negative piTs, and have the options to easily  compare up to 10 products, add items to your cart or buy directly from
  • TipTop's one-of-a-kind semantic social search engine
    analyzes user-generated product reviews from and provides
    TipTop product ratings and  percentile scores exclusively from these reviews across a variety of attributes, such as
    Overall  Quality, Safety, Features, Value for Money and Price. Compare up to ten products, sort across the attributes that are important to you, and click the percentile scores to see the product reviews below.

Click to view a larger image of TipTop's Checkout Cart

  • For the first time, real-time
    opinions about the products are also incorporated into the shopping
    experience through TipTop Search widgets. The widget includes: Pie charts displaying the
    overall sentiment related to the keyword search, the latest Tip and piT tweets related to the product, and the topical buzz   associated with the search results. Click the links to see TipTop search results. Click Reply or Re-Tip to communicate with Twitter users via Tip Top Search. And, don't for get to add your product selections to your cart and checkout on

Compared with other shopping sites below, TipTop Shopping is far richer, offering an incredibly unique  experience in terms of comparison shopping across products, user-generated review analysis and product ratings, and real-time search, discovery and social interaction.

Click to view a larger image of Buzzillions comparison shopping results. Click to view a larger image of Amazon's shopping results. Click to view a larger image of's shopping results.

TipTop Shopping easily helps you to choose the best products for yourself and those on
your holiday gift list using search, semantics and the social web.

Happy Holidays!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Semantics of TipTop Search


The connotation around TipTop Search is simply that helps you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as well as
people to engage and share experiences with. With TipTop Search you get easy access to relevant people, timely tips, and useful tools to communicate information.

Below we highlight five features to familiarize you with TipTop Search:

1. Random Search "I feel lucky!": Click for an example of Sample Searches entered on TipTop. For more information, read our FAQs.

2. People Search: Enter "to:" or "from:" followed by a person's twitter ID or celebrity name to get messages to:Alyssa_Milano, from:Alyssa_Milano or about Alyssa Milano.

3. Advanced Filtering Techniques: Using proprietary techniques to remove duplicate tweet content & marketing spam postings. For more information, read our FAQs.


4. Semantic Content Analysis: TipTop searches messages on Twitter
and reads what is being said about the query. It pulls out the most
interesting, useful and unique messages that match the search term, and
separates them from the less useful ones.

Tweet or message sentiment analysis is displayed as Tips & piTs results and concepts and topics are extracted from tweets and displayed to "Filter by" in the search results sets.                                                                                               

5. Social Search Results:

Displaying the best tweets from relevant people to enable information gathering, content sharing and topical conversations. Click the image for examples.

Enjoy and have a TipTop week!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Search TipTop for Weekend Fun

TipTop Search Logo TipTop is a one-of-a-kind Twitter-based search engine. Whatever you
need, TipTop Search helps you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as
well as people to engage and share experiences with.

WoW! Is the statement above true? You bet your artichoke hearts it is:) I was just fussing around this morning and remembered a good friend was participating in the PA Renewable Energy Festival this weekend and decided to do a search on TipTop's Event Channel to see if there was any real-time buzz. Techcrunch50 Not nearly as much real-time hupalala as the techcrunch50 event in San Francisco received earlier this week (on TipTop, look for "Search results from before…" to get all the best roundup Tips. The messages with red stars next to them have been ReTipped). 

Looking on TipTop Search to see what is going on this weekend, I came across a variety of messages (tweets) from contributors to this organic twittersphere. They are listed below with some TipTop sharing tips you can use to engage and share experiences with other interesting folks.

A. Event Promotions: Event_promo Click "E" to expand url or just move your cursor or mouse over external links to see a snapshot view of the content before you commit to click. Check out some great gigs in the SF Bay Area this weekend.

B. Advice or Tip Requests: Bayarea_Advice Click "Reply" with an answer if you can help a person out or "ReTip" them with another persons snippet of helpful information.

C. Activity Partner Opportunities: Activity_retweet Click "Reply" to the message if you are interested in joining in or "ReTip" the message if you think someone else would be a good match. Who knows where this might lead;).

D. Event or Activity Tips: Activity_ReTip Click "ReTip" or "Retweet" if you support, like, or are going to partake in said activity. Be real and share what you are passionate about.

E. Individual Activities or Plans: Farm_sitting "ReTip" a persons message to let them and others know what you like or think is cool. You could open up opportunities for yourself or your followers….like the surprisingly popular activity of farm sitting!

Renfaire_pirate Personally, I found out about the Northern California Renaissance Faire through TipTop Search and found out about ticket discounts, "ReTipped" the pirate invasion post, read event reviews, and discovered other positive and negative tips.

Explore TipTop Search everyday. It really does help you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as
well as people to engage and share experiences with.

Have a great weekend,

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


TipTop Eats on the Cheap

How do you rate restaurants on Value for Money? Each person has their own interpretation of monetary value and how that relates to eating out. That's your business, just as TipTop Food's business is rating restaurants on their real and perceived value by culling through and presenting information that will help you make good decisions. At the end of the meal its really about whether or not you felt you got your mouth's worth.

If you'd like to see what the professionals say about cheap eats you can buy the latest Zagat's San Francisco Dining Deals guide  or check out last years Bay Area Bites Bargan Bites 2008 list.

If you like to see what experts like you say,  just check out  TipTop Food's Value for Money restaurant list below:

#1 Red Lotus in Portola Valley (Chinese): "Prices are very Portola Valley but the dishes are quite tasty!" Find them on TipTop Food.

#2 Super Taqueria in Morgan Hill (Restaurants): "Quality Taste at a Reasonable Price — and Consistency!" Find them on TipTop Food.

#3 Hong Woo Chinese Restaurant in San Bruno (Chinese): "wallet-friendly prices which makes you happy and good portion sized food which makes you full." Find them on TipTop Food.

#4 Simply Vietnam in Santa Rosa (Vietnamese): "The staff is totally awesome and helpful, the prices are pretty darn cheap, and the atmosphere is pleasant, often with Warriors/Giants/A's games on their wall mounted flat screen." Find them on TipTop Food.

#5 Al Castello Ristorante and Pizzeria in Campbell (Pizza): "It's a family place, and they give you rustic, unpretentious Italian food at good prices." Find them on TipTop Food.

#6 Ayuttaya Thai Cuisine in Gilroy (Thai): "Since they were so much into healthy meals and diet and exercise, I knew they would love to see the beautiful variety on the menu." Find them on TipTop Food.

#7 Meza Taqueria in Hayward (Mexican): "It's my favorite in terms of food quality and flavor, and the burritos are indeed huge– BIG AS YOUR HEAD." Find them on TipTop Food.

#8 Petaluma Market in Petaluma (Grocery): "So yeah… there food is fancy. But it's really not that expensive. I spend as much here as I do at anywhere else I eat only the food is organic." Find them on TipTop Food.

#9 Yiassoo in Campbell (Greek And Mediterranean): "At Yiassoo you don't pay much for any of their dishes, but you get great tastes and quick service." Find them on TipTop Food.

#10 Coffee Mine in San Francisco (Cafe) "The prices are super reasonable, I'd even say cheap, for the amount of good food you get. But what really puts it over the top is the service." Find them on TipTop Food.

#11 Shiraz in San Ramon (Persian Iranian): "There was so much food, we each took our leftovers home." Find them on TipTop Food.

#12 Opa in San Jose (Greek And Mediterranean): "The restaurant is absolutely beautiful. It is much nicer than you would expect from somewhere so reasonably priced." Find them on TipTop Food.

#13 Super Burger in San Leandro (Fast Food): "Excellent Value! Friendly Service! Big selection, reasonable prices." Find them on TipTop Food.

#14 El Herradero Restaurant in San Francisco (Mexican): "A definitely mid-afternoon treat on a budget with true Mission flavor." Find them on TipTop Food.

#15 Umi Sushi in San Rafael (Sushi): "He does the sushi, she does the kitchen. They make everything from scratch, from their noodles to their ice cream, and it's all really tasty! The prices are pretty average." Find them on TipTop Food.

Here's how to participate in TipTop Eats on the Cheap challenge:

A. Become a TipTop Fan on Facebook  and participate in the TipTop Eats on the Cheap event. Or…

B. Respond with a comment to this blog post sharing the name and location of the restaurant you think is a good value for the money and why.

Next Friday March 6th, check out the TipTop fan page on Facebook or the TipTop blog to see how your choice compares with all the other restaurants rated Value for Money on TipTop Food.

Happy Eating!

The TipTop Team:)

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