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Spirits roam free this Halloween

Spirits roam free this Halloween

Our mining of last month’s tweets seems to show that free spirits are not just occupying Wall Street this fall season, but also plotting the usual ways to scare more pliant victims into coughing up some real candy.

Indeed, some people have such wonderful ideas for their costumes, it’s a shame others don’t get to see more of them. As usual, this year we have collected, analyzed, filtered and categorized thousands of conversations about Halloween costumes that you can explore and share to your heart’s content.

You will find people dressing themselves (and their friends, kids, and friends’ kids) up as Celebrities, weird and not-so-weird Creatures, Animals, Fictional characters and more.

We hope you will also like the new tabbed interface (borrowed from our new-look main page) which allows us to pack in a lot more into the same space, but gives you more control over how you browse.

So with two clicks, I can see one of my favorites from different “angles”, and am pleased to report that while Steve Jobs is no more, his spirit is not only immortal but very popular (and mostly happy!)

Steve Jobs Halloween TipTop Insights

Steve Jobs Halloween spirit

Even tried-and-trusted favorites like the pumpkin and the witch continue to surprise and delight. For example, here is a one-year old Handpicked tip that I discovered, with step-by-step pictures on how to make a paper witch cut-out.

Witch Halloween TipTop Insights

Halloween witchcraft

I immediately felt like sharing the link, and did: my own girls delight in more grown-up witchcraft now, but I hope some other little girls or their parents out there will find the tip fun to try.

Whether you are young or old, whether you like to stick with old faithfuls, or will be brave enough to consider the zany Charlie Sheen (always good for new laughs!) —

Charlie Sheen Halloween TipTop Insights

TipTop Insights -- Charlie Sheen Halloween

we’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing these delightful pages, full of hundreds of fresh Halloween insights every time you visit.

Wishing you a TipTop Halloween!


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Charlie Sheen Brands @charliesheen, Gets Social Media Celebrity Status as a TipTop Trend

Charlie Sheen Brands @charliesheen, Gets Social Media Celebrity Status as a TipTop Trend

TipTop Technologies’ ongoing analysis of tweets about “Charlie Sheen” and from:CharlieSheen through his newly @charliesheen Twitter account, is uncovering some interesting semantic trends. At over 2.2 million followers on March 8th, Sheen has accrued a lot of social media capital in a Guinness Book of Records amount of time. TipTop can’t tell you how much this socially networked online persona is worth, but you can use TipTop’s social search & conversation engine for brand management analysis and to peruse “TipTop Trends in Social Media: Charlie Sheen Coverage” to get the latest insights, tips or trends over time for this “#winning” celebrity.Charlie Sheen Social Media Sentiment Trends Charlie Sheen Topics on Twitter

As you can see from the trend chart above, as of today, negative sentiment has overtaken the overall positive sentiment trends related to Charlie Sheen. Maybe this is why Sheen is looking to hire a social media intern to manage his twitter account. In anycase, you can see how TipTop organizes Tips, displays trends & identifies hot topics by checking out CharlieSheen’s TipTop profile & search results pages below.

Charlie Sheen's Social Media Profile

Charlie Sheen's Social Media Profile on TipTop

Tweets from Charlie Sheen

Tips & Trends for Charlie Sheen on TipTop

Your call…fried celebrity, celebrity genius or social media guru? Stay trendy on TipTop & share your tips!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop’s 2011 Oscars Race Social Media Award Winners Before the Envelope, Please

TipTop’s 2011 Oscars Race Social Media Award Winners Before the Envelope, Please

In the final hour before the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony begins & the Oscar nominees walk down the Red Carpet, TipTop takes a snapshot of our Oscar’s awards leaderboards. We have been tracking Oscar-related tweets & extracting the sentiment around the actor & actress nominees and film & movie nominations since February 14th. To see what passions are flying around the actors, actresses & directors this year check out TipTop’s Red Carpet Passion Pies slice by emotional slice. For the 2011 Academy Awards, TipTop’s social media Oscar award predictions are:

TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used the Best Picture sentiment leaderboard on TipTop for Oscar nominee tips to make my award prediction:True Grit
Best Picture Winner: The King’s Speech
I used the Best Director race leaderboard on TipTop for #Oscars nominee tips to make my award prediction: Tom Hooper
Directing Winner: Tom Hooper
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used the Best Actor race chart on TipTop for Oscar nominee tips to make my award prediction: Jeff Bridges
Actor in a Leading Role Winner: Colin Firth
I used the Best Actress tweet sentiment chart on TipTop 4 #Oscars nominee tips 2 make my award prediction: Nicole Kidman
Actress in a Leading Role Winner: Natalie Portman
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used TipTop’s Best Supporting Actor sentiment chart for #Oscars nominee tips to make my award prediction: John Hawkes
Best Supporting Actor Winner: Christian Bale
I used TipTop’s Best Supporting Actress race chart for #Oscars nominee tips to make my award prediction: Melissa Leo
Best Supporting Actress Winner: Melissa Leo
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used TipTop’s Best Animated Film sentiment trends chart for #Oscars tips to make my award prediction: The Illusionist
Best Animated Film Winner: Toy Story 3
I used TipTop’s Best Foreign Film sentiment leaderboard for #Oscars nominee tips to make my award prediction: Incendies
Best Foreign Film Winner: In a Better World
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used the Best Screenplay tweet chart on TipTop for Oscar nominee tips to make my award prediction: The King’s Speech
Best Original Screenplay Winner: The King’s Speech
TipTop Technologies@twittiptop TipTop Technologies
I used the Best Documentary race chart on TipTop for Oscar nominee tips to make my award prediction: Restrepo
Best Documentary Winner: Inside Job
To capture the passion of the Red Carpet fashion TipTop is also analyzing the emotional component of Oscars-related tweets & presenting how fans in social media really feel about all these celebrities during the Academy Awards ceremony & the after-party. Make sure you take a look tomorrow at our Red Carpet Celebrity Pasion Pies to see who was hot & who was a flop. Also read TipTop’s press release, “2011 Oscars Nominees & Fan Reaction to the 83rd Academy Awards Slice by Emotional Slice“.

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Predicting 2011 Oscar Winners for the 83rd Academy Awards

Predicting 2011 Oscar Winners for the 83rd Academy Awards

Many movie fans & film critics are wondering or guessing who will win an Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony on February 27th. If you’d like to predict the winners in 2011 with the help of semantics & social media, TipTop’s 83rd Academy Awards Special is the best place for you to visit. TipTop’s engine is continuously extracting the sentiment expressed in thousands of your tweets each day around the Oscars as well as the films & actors that have been nominated for these awards. It’s not as painful as it might sound and no one is injured except for some celebrity egos along the way. TipTop’s Oscar preductions are found in our blog post, “Oscars Race Social Media Award Winners Before the Envelope, Please”.

So, instead of using a crystal ball this year, we recommend you review TipTop’s Academy Award Leaderboards to see who is Top trending and who is Flop trending. You can also use the daily tips and the top web sites that TipTop features in addition to sentiment trends for each of the films, movies, actors & actresses. Give us a spin and let us know your predictions by tweeting them to @twitTipTop or posting them on TipTop’s facebook page.

Today, Jeff Bridges is Tops on the Best Actor Leaderboard but this can’t be a long term trend! If you tweet, now is a great time to support your favorite movie, actor and actress with messages indicating your liking. Make sure you visit TipTop’s Academy Award Leaderboards for the latest results and come back next week to see TipTop’s award predictions! We were quite pleased with the accuracy of our predictions last year. Read “Watching the 2010 Academy Awards & Walking the Red Carpet Via TipTop Social Search & Sentiment” for our 82nd Academy Award prediction results.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Semantics of TipTop Search


The connotation around TipTop Search is simply that helps you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as well as
people to engage and share experiences with. With TipTop Search you get easy access to relevant people, timely tips, and useful tools to communicate information.

Below we highlight five features to familiarize you with TipTop Search:

1. Random Search "I feel lucky!": Click for an example of Sample Searches entered on TipTop. For more information, read our FAQs.

2. People Search: Enter "to:" or "from:" followed by a person's twitter ID or celebrity name to get messages to:Alyssa_Milano, from:Alyssa_Milano or about Alyssa Milano.

3. Advanced Filtering Techniques: Using proprietary techniques to remove duplicate tweet content & marketing spam postings. For more information, read our FAQs.


4. Semantic Content Analysis: TipTop searches messages on Twitter
and reads what is being said about the query. It pulls out the most
interesting, useful and unique messages that match the search term, and
separates them from the less useful ones.

Tweet or message sentiment analysis is displayed as Tips & piTs results and concepts and topics are extracted from tweets and displayed to "Filter by" in the search results sets.                                                                                               

5. Social Search Results:

Displaying the best tweets from relevant people to enable information gathering, content sharing and topical conversations. Click the image for examples.

Enjoy and have a TipTop week!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop Celebrities, Searching for Inspiration


TipTop Search is located at for a reason, we take this address to heart in what TipTop is all about. The TipTop team takes pride in providing the best real time social search results with an evolving innovative user interface. We find inspiration everyday through the search results which highlight diverse perspectives on people, news and events through grouping messages posted on Twitter into Tips and piTs. We hope TipTop Search helps and inspires you to get involved and interact with the things and people you are passionate about, just like the celebrities featured below, who use their public profiles in positive ways. TipTop Search offers a number of ways to get the most out of online personalities, the sentiment around them. and the things they are passionate about.


1. TipTop Widgets allow users to follow what Deepak Chopra is posting on Twitter,

read conversations others are having with him, and view what web content people are posting about him. To add a search widget to your website or blog from TipTop Search results look for


click, customize, and embed the code on your site.

2. Follow conversations from:1CApplegate "Those in different time zones watch @theellenshow today. I will be talking more about Lee Denim Day and Right Action for Women. #endcancer."

Follow topics and get the latest information and support causes like Right Action for Women which is being propelled by cancer survivor Christina Applegate.

3. Re-Tip tips and inspiration from progressive celebrities like Alyssa Milano. Click

Re-Tipto share the tweet, "Pls check out the inspiring work @EdwardNorton is doing 2 raise support 4 Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust:"

ReTip_MilanoOr Retweet, "RT @Alyssa_MilanoThis is worth 5 min of your time. RT @BillCosby Watch the MSNBC special 'About Our Children' here:" (via"

4. Not surprisingly there is a lot of cross pollination between the twittersphere and television, especially with the likes of the Ellen Show, where she tweeted about Beyonce's beautiful moment on stage and you could read the buzz and get the best links via TipTop's search results.

5. Gauging sentiment and compiling responses to campaigns by looking at the percentage of Tips and piTs, trends and the results themselves offers lots of rich data. For example, Lucy Liu, was recently honored by UNICEF for her work with children and coincidentally just posted a message calling out for help to stop "Child Trafficking" by posting this article and this picture to make a difference.

6. The viral power social search and celebrity status was made very apparent as soon as Ashton Kucher posted his "violin kid video" and how that was Retweeted around, "RT @sarah_ross: hey @aplusk check this out . . . Young-violinist-finds-online-fame-thanks-to YOU =", captured by TipTop search results via the Ellen Show!

We at TipTop hope you are enjoying the show online and off, check out our TipTop Celebrity Channel, and use tiptop everyday!

Send @twitTipTop a message how you have been inspired while using TipTop Search.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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