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Spirits roam free this Halloween

Spirits roam free this Halloween

Our mining of last month’s tweets seems to show that free spirits are not just occupying Wall Street this fall season, but also plotting the usual ways to scare more pliant victims into coughing up some real candy.

Indeed, some people have such wonderful ideas for their costumes, it’s a shame others don’t get to see more of them. As usual, this year we have collected, analyzed, filtered and categorized thousands of conversations about Halloween costumes that you can explore and share to your heart’s content.

You will find people dressing themselves (and their friends, kids, and friends’ kids) up as Celebrities, weird and not-so-weird Creatures, Animals, Fictional characters and more.

We hope you will also like the new tabbed interface (borrowed from our new-look main page) which allows us to pack in a lot more into the same space, but gives you more control over how you browse.

So with two clicks, I can see one of my favorites from different “angles”, and am pleased to report that while Steve Jobs is no more, his spirit is not only immortal but very popular (and mostly happy!)

Steve Jobs Halloween TipTop Insights

Steve Jobs Halloween spirit

Even tried-and-trusted favorites like the pumpkin and the witch continue to surprise and delight. For example, here is a one-year old Handpicked tip that I discovered, with step-by-step pictures on how to make a paper witch cut-out.

Witch Halloween TipTop Insights

Halloween witchcraft

I immediately felt like sharing the link, and did: my own girls delight in more grown-up witchcraft now, but I hope some other little girls or their parents out there will find the tip fun to try.

Whether you are young or old, whether you like to stick with old faithfuls, or will be brave enough to consider the zany Charlie Sheen (always good for new laughs!) —

Charlie Sheen Halloween TipTop Insights

TipTop Insights -- Charlie Sheen Halloween

we’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing these delightful pages, full of hundreds of fresh Halloween insights every time you visit.

Wishing you a TipTop Halloween!


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Weekend Movies: Which new release film deserves your time or dime?

See what’s hot or not for October 1st openings at theaters this weekend on TipTop! Do you need some help deciding which movie to see on the big screen? Are you trying to figure out whether or not a new release film is movie theatre or DVD worthy? Or if you are in the same predicament as @MaddyTweetz, do yourself a favor and use TipTop to help you figure it all out.

MaddyDebating what movie to catch tonight: The Town, Social Network or Let me In. Thoughts??
The movie grid below is a quick and easy way to compare topics across aggregated sentiment scores, browse current buzz topics & see current tips from social media. To create a similar comparison grid for yourself on TipTop simply go to
  1. Enter a movie (or any topic) in the search box and save your query to “My TipTop” (To learn more read our previous My TipTop blog post)
  2. Go to “My TipTop” & comare the Selected Queries across positive & negative Tip sentiment, see movie related conversation topics, and get real-time Tips.
  3. Click “E-mail” & share your movie grid with friends.


New Movies (Click for Current Tips) 🙂 Tips 😦 Tips Conversation Buzz Topics
The Social Network 41% 6% social network, movie, facebook, film, story, ticket, life, wonder, seeing, tomatoes, album, world, walls
“Let Me In” 44% 8% movie, social network, film, horror, never let me go, theatre, scene, man, kid, actor, star, guy
“The Town” 37% 9% town, movie, social network, girl, work, painting, mall, seeing, car, hotel, eat
Freakonomics 29% 2% movie, film, book, social network, documentary, author, man, fan, talk
Ip Man OR Yip Man 20% 8% man, movie, film, legend, social network, hahaha, sama, hahahaha
Barry Munday 19% 60% movie, bar, greedy, wilson, film, hilarious, performance, man, info, director, ball, talk, role, atlantis
Anjaana Anjaani 44% 14% movie, film, song, star, stars, theatre, luv, story, bollywood, ticket, hair, c, work, india, p
    Gregomyleggo_TwitterPhoto Below are some of the social media Tips “I liked” & saved in “My TipTop” while checking out what people were “going to see” this weekend.


    Again, from My TipTop @TwitTipTop can send you or your friends an E-mail like this:
    “Hello, these are the snippets you have saved in My TipTop.”
    Image Twitter Id Topic Snippet
    _socialmedianow The Social Network The 10 most Glaring Lies in ‘The Social Network‘ : #thesocialnetwork
    bloodboyhorror “Let Me In” Horror-drama ‘Let Me In’ does its Swedish inspiration original justice: When Overture Films announced it would mak…
    mting Ip Man OR Yip Man Loving the Ip Man 2 soundtrack. More variations than the previous film. A recommendation if u love Oriental film scores #ipman2 #soundtrack
    workingauthor Barry Munday Barry Munday‘ starring Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer, Cybill Shepherd, Malcolm McDowell and more reviewed!
    trabajareuropa Freakonomics @MakingOf: Freakonmics is now in theaters! Hear @MorganSpurlock discuss the film and more @MakingOf”
    nikkyraney “The Town” My movie review for THE TOWN —> Blake Lively owns ‘The Town’ By Nikky Raney –
    kapylr Anjaana Anjaani Enjoyed watching Anjaana Anjaani. Great performances by @priyankachopra and @ranbir_kapoor

    Remember to come back to TipTop to guide your film viewing & DVD movie rental decisions or help whenever you are looking for insights around any topic — locally or globally. Enjoy!

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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    TipTop Social Interactions: Ask, Tell & Respond

    If you haven’t been to TipTop’s home page @ recently, now is a great time to get reacquainted and check out the “From: TipTop To: TipTop” section. If you are a fan of TipTop on Facebook and follow @twitTipTop on Twitter, then you probably know that you can see a complete social networking profile of TipTop’s social media interactions on Twitter at TipTop_InteractionsHere you can see company news, products updates,  insightful musings & tweets, people we communicate with, tweeps who interact with us and our products, and the social sentiment around all of these social networking interactions.

    On TipTop’s hub page, we are now featuring selected tweets from TipTop users, TipTop answers to people’s questions, fun insights into using TipTop, and editorially selected topics and polls. You can use the box “Enter your tip here…” to interact with @twitTipTop via Twitter, asking questions, sharing Tips, responding to polls, and possibly having your tweet featured on TipTop’s hub page to be seen by tens of thousands of our users! Please respond to @twitTipTop on Twitter with whatever you would like to tell TipTop today. 🙂

    Enjoy & Have a Tip Top Weekend!

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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    TipTop Holiday Gift Shopping: Product Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

    TipTop Logo TipTop's one-of-a-kind comparison shopping site is ready for your holiday gift purchases. TipTop Shopping takes the bite out of your buying time online!

    Do you have time to read 10’s or 100’s of product reviews to make your gift buying decisions this holiday season?
    TipTop analyzes the text of product reviews and computes scores for
    several attributes including overall quality, safety, value for money, etc. It also displays the best reviews and extracts the
    most relevant portions of the review to help you make informed
    purchasing decisions quickly.

    Why use TipTop Shopping? Click to view a larger image of TipTop's Product Search Results page.

    • It is the only shopping site where shoppers can search millions of products from, browse through the most relevant matches to view TipTop's product ratings, see user reviews grouped into positive Tips and negative piTs, and have the options to easily  compare up to 10 products, add items to your cart or buy directly from
    • TipTop's one-of-a-kind semantic social search engine
      analyzes user-generated product reviews from and provides
      TipTop product ratings and  percentile scores exclusively from these reviews across a variety of attributes, such as
      Overall  Quality, Safety, Features, Value for Money and Price. Compare up to ten products, sort across the attributes that are important to you, and click the percentile scores to see the product reviews below.

    Click to view a larger image of TipTop's Checkout Cart

    • For the first time, real-time
      opinions about the products are also incorporated into the shopping
      experience through TipTop Search widgets. The widget includes: Pie charts displaying the
      overall sentiment related to the keyword search, the latest Tip and piT tweets related to the product, and the topical buzz   associated with the search results. Click the links to see TipTop search results. Click Reply or Re-Tip to communicate with Twitter users via Tip Top Search. And, don't for get to add your product selections to your cart and checkout on

    Compared with other shopping sites below, TipTop Shopping is far richer, offering an incredibly unique  experience in terms of comparison shopping across products, user-generated review analysis and product ratings, and real-time search, discovery and social interaction.

    Click to view a larger image of Buzzillions comparison shopping results. Click to view a larger image of Amazon's shopping results. Click to view a larger image of's shopping results.

    TipTop Shopping easily helps you to choose the best products for yourself and those on
    your holiday gift list using search, semantics and the social web.

    Happy Holidays!

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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    TipTop Search via SMS: Opinions delivered to your mobile cell phone

    TipTop Get TipTopSM search resultsSms_iphone on-the-go by using SMS text messaging on your mobile or cell phone. Use TipTopSM
    via SMS
    to find out how people feel about anything currently discussed or published
    twitter. Type in a search topic and get back the overall social sentiment or opinion as a
    percentage of
    Tips and piTs.

    TipTop via SMS is very helpful when you need to:

    • make a quick product decision while shopping.
    • decide which movie to go to while out and about.
    • get the buzz about an activity or event.
    • know how people are thinking or feeling about any topic.

    Check out the results for:

    Sms_zhuzhu_hamsterSms_paranormal_activitySms_belly_dancing Sms_health_care_reform

    Follow these steps to get TipTop search results through your phone:

    • Initiate a text message by entering DOTCOM or 368266 on your cell phone.
    • In the text box type, or feeltiptop followed by the query terms.
      For example, try typing " smart phone" (without the double quotes).
    • Send the message.
    • You will quickly receive a SMS text message response similar to the examples above, like this:

    (1/1) Opinions about "smart phone" on Twitter are 38% positive Tips and 21% negative piTs

    Have a great week! Try TipTop via SMS on you phone or on the web at or

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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    Searching for the Tips and piTs around Halloween Sentiment

    Tips_piTs Halloween is coming near, you need not fear TipTop Search is here! Luckily TipTop Search is not as scary as this rhyme! You can find lots of current tips about all things Halloween using as a social search tool. TipTop Technologies applies semantic analysis to tweets or text messages on twitter and displays the results in two columns as Tip or piTs. Messages in the Tip column generally have positive sentiment or indicate a good experience. Messages in the piTs column have more negative sentiment or a bad experience associated with them. To learn more about Tips and piTs please take a look at TipTop's FAQs.

    Need to know what people in the twittersphere are saying about Halloween? Want to know which Halloween costumes are hot and which are not? Have to decide between going to see the movie Zombieland or Trick r Treat? Have fun browsing through the sentiment based search results and the people who posted the messages. A person with a green frame around their picture is very likely to have a positive orientation towards the term searched. A person with a red frame around their picture is very likely to have a negative orientation towards the term searched (TipTop FAQs). Remember you can always share the Tip and piT sentiment around your search results by clicking Twitter_facebook_sharing Halloween_sentiment

    to share on your facebook or twitter account. After you are logged into your twitter account the message above will appear waiting for you to post it. We hope you enjoy your TipTop Search experience and have a spooky Halloween!

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


    TipTop Celebrities, Searching for Inspiration


    TipTop Search is located at for a reason, we take this address to heart in what TipTop is all about. The TipTop team takes pride in providing the best real time social search results with an evolving innovative user interface. We find inspiration everyday through the search results which highlight diverse perspectives on people, news and events through grouping messages posted on Twitter into Tips and piTs. We hope TipTop Search helps and inspires you to get involved and interact with the things and people you are passionate about, just like the celebrities featured below, who use their public profiles in positive ways. TipTop Search offers a number of ways to get the most out of online personalities, the sentiment around them. and the things they are passionate about.


    1. TipTop Widgets allow users to follow what Deepak Chopra is posting on Twitter,

    read conversations others are having with him, and view what web content people are posting about him. To add a search widget to your website or blog from TipTop Search results look for


    click, customize, and embed the code on your site.

    2. Follow conversations from:1CApplegate "Those in different time zones watch @theellenshow today. I will be talking more about Lee Denim Day and Right Action for Women. #endcancer."

    Follow topics and get the latest information and support causes like Right Action for Women which is being propelled by cancer survivor Christina Applegate.

    3. Re-Tip tips and inspiration from progressive celebrities like Alyssa Milano. Click

    Re-Tipto share the tweet, "Pls check out the inspiring work @EdwardNorton is doing 2 raise support 4 Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust:"

    ReTip_MilanoOr Retweet, "RT @Alyssa_MilanoThis is worth 5 min of your time. RT @BillCosby Watch the MSNBC special 'About Our Children' here:" (via"

    4. Not surprisingly there is a lot of cross pollination between the twittersphere and television, especially with the likes of the Ellen Show, where she tweeted about Beyonce's beautiful moment on stage and you could read the buzz and get the best links via TipTop's search results.

    5. Gauging sentiment and compiling responses to campaigns by looking at the percentage of Tips and piTs, trends and the results themselves offers lots of rich data. For example, Lucy Liu, was recently honored by UNICEF for her work with children and coincidentally just posted a message calling out for help to stop "Child Trafficking" by posting this article and this picture to make a difference.

    6. The viral power social search and celebrity status was made very apparent as soon as Ashton Kucher posted his "violin kid video" and how that was Retweeted around, "RT @sarah_ross: hey @aplusk check this out . . . Young-violinist-finds-online-fame-thanks-to YOU =", captured by TipTop search results via the Ellen Show!

    We at TipTop hope you are enjoying the show online and off, check out our TipTop Celebrity Channel, and use tiptop everyday!

    Send @twitTipTop a message how you have been inspired while using TipTop Search.

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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    Search TipTop for Weekend Fun

    TipTop Search Logo TipTop is a one-of-a-kind Twitter-based search engine. Whatever you
    need, TipTop Search helps you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as
    well as people to engage and share experiences with.

    WoW! Is the statement above true? You bet your artichoke hearts it is:) I was just fussing around this morning and remembered a good friend was participating in the PA Renewable Energy Festival this weekend and decided to do a search on TipTop's Event Channel to see if there was any real-time buzz. Techcrunch50 Not nearly as much real-time hupalala as the techcrunch50 event in San Francisco received earlier this week (on TipTop, look for "Search results from before…" to get all the best roundup Tips. The messages with red stars next to them have been ReTipped). 

    Looking on TipTop Search to see what is going on this weekend, I came across a variety of messages (tweets) from contributors to this organic twittersphere. They are listed below with some TipTop sharing tips you can use to engage and share experiences with other interesting folks.

    A. Event Promotions: Event_promo Click "E" to expand url or just move your cursor or mouse over external links to see a snapshot view of the content before you commit to click. Check out some great gigs in the SF Bay Area this weekend.

    B. Advice or Tip Requests: Bayarea_Advice Click "Reply" with an answer if you can help a person out or "ReTip" them with another persons snippet of helpful information.

    C. Activity Partner Opportunities: Activity_retweet Click "Reply" to the message if you are interested in joining in or "ReTip" the message if you think someone else would be a good match. Who knows where this might lead;).

    D. Event or Activity Tips: Activity_ReTip Click "ReTip" or "Retweet" if you support, like, or are going to partake in said activity. Be real and share what you are passionate about.

    E. Individual Activities or Plans: Farm_sitting "ReTip" a persons message to let them and others know what you like or think is cool. You could open up opportunities for yourself or your followers….like the surprisingly popular activity of farm sitting!

    Renfaire_pirate Personally, I found out about the Northern California Renaissance Faire through TipTop Search and found out about ticket discounts, "ReTipped" the pirate invasion post, read event reviews, and discovered other positive and negative tips.

    Explore TipTop Search everyday. It really does help you find the best advice, opinions, and answers as
    well as people to engage and share experiences with.

    Have a great weekend,

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


    Search Engine TipTop Announces New Features

    solves a problem that every internet user has encountered at some
    point:  how to cut through all of the information that’s out there on
    the Web and find what’s useful to your everyday life.  The idea is that
    regular people should be able to reach out and share their experiences
    with one another, to make even routine activities more efficient and
    more fun.  People are doing this to some extent using Twitter and other
    platforms and with our truly semantic solution, we hope to encourage
    users to engage with others of like interests or temperaments in even
    more spontaneous and natural ways.

    TipTop Concept CloudTo
    help users find the information most relevant to a given query, TipTop
    software filters tweets in two main ways. The first is by the concepts
    related to the search terms, which appear as a clickable list of
    keywords once the search is performed. Users can select any of these to
    narrow down their initial search. The keywords are very useful in
    showing users the different contexts or relations in which the subject
    of their search figures in people’s consciousness at the time of the

    The second filter is the division of the tweets into “Tips,” “Pits,”
    and “Remaining messages.” Tips and Pits are the tweets that share
    something useful or important about the search query that may interest
    the person who entered the query. Tips are the ones that express
    something positive about the topic, while Pits are complaints or
    warnings about the topic. Tweets deemed less useful are placed in
    Remaining messages, and may include polls, advertisements and standard,
    plain facts.  By moving these messages out of the way, TipTop saves
    users a lot of time that they would otherwise spend scrolling through
    tweets, looking for good ones.

    The ‘real-time’ quality of the information that TipTop filters makes
    it part of a growing trend in online search that prizes unedited
    content generated by non-experts.  Although Twitter is only the first
    step in our overall vision for this unstoppable phenomenon, it is
    probably the best example right now of a platform full of real-time
    information that can be useful with the right technology  to facilitate
    useful, fast searches and to connect you with the right people. That’s
    where TipTop comes in. 


    TipTop’s new interface encourages users to reply to, or acknowledge
    the people and tweets that they find interesting. In addition to just
    searching, users now have the option of replying to the authors of
    tweets that their search turns up, as well as of “Re-tipping” the
    authors, or showing their appreciation for a useful tip they
    discovered. The Reply and Re-tip functions are meant to start
    conversations between Twitter users with common interests.  TipTop also
    offers a “Re-tweet” option, which is based on the prolific Twitter RT
    convention. When users opt to re-tweet content that they found through TipTop, the website automatically sets up a new tweet for them, which
    shares the initial information and credits its original author.

    TipTop Channels: PeopleWe
    have also introduced vertical-specific Channels into TipTop.  We have
    about a dozen at the moment but we plan to expand to hundreds and
    perhaps even millions one day.  Only on TipTop, a user can now compare
    anything with anything side by side.  Yes, I do really mean anything
    with anything no matter what topic the entities being compared belong
    to.  This aspect by itself makes TipTop at least a generation or two
    ahead of any other product that is out there today.

    We now offer a way to look at TipTop search results through TipTop
    Search Widgets that you can place on your blog or website.  Look for
    the green box in any of our pages and click, “Embed these results” to
    build your TipTop Search Widget.

    The best way to figure TipTop out is to use it.  Not once or twice
    but every day, all the time. Only reading about it is kind of like only
    reading about sex.  I believe that neither can be as fulfilling as the
    corresponding real thing.  (I will refrain from recommending how often
    anyone should have sex.)

    On the day of birth of TipTop, now nearly 3 months ago, I forecast
    that even the creators of this newborn have little clue about what all
    it is going to be capable of doing over the course of her/his
    existence. Today what I wrote then is even more accurate. Each day now,
    at least ten new and intriguing uses of TipTop emerge. We discover
    some of these & our users discover others that we had not even
    anticipated. In the end, TipTop, perhaps more than any other product
    out there today, is of the world, for the world, and by the world.


    Shyam Kapur
    President & CEO
    TipTop Technologies, Inc.


    TipTop Search Widgets

        How can I get TipTop search results on my website?

     You can embed the TipTopSM Search Widget on your website to display real-time TipTop search results from Twitter users. Click here to try the TipTop Search Widgets. There are three types of widgets you can display on your website:

    • The "Tips and Pits ratios" widget displays the percentage of Tips and Pits for the search term you enter on the widget.
    • The "Concept Cloud" widget displays all the related concept terms related to the search term you enter on the widget.
    • The "Top Tips and Pits" widget displays the top three Tip messages
      and the top three Pit messages for the search term you enter on the
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